COVID Brighton

I’m currently filming a documentary with the working title “COVID Brighton”. I want to tell the story of how Brighton has coped with COVID. A virus, an avalanche of scientific debate and three lockdowns. We’re still here but how are we doing?

The original impetus for this film was to get the perspective of business in Brighton. Pubs, clubs, shops, any type of business. I’m still interested in that but the scope of the film is expanding as I discover the impact of COVID on the people of Brighton.


Much of Brighton’s economy relies on hospitality and so we may have been particularly hard hit by COVID. On the other hand we have many small media businesses which may have adapted to home working fairly well. This documentary aims to find out what’s been happening to the people of Brighton in 2020/21. Have they struggled or kept calm and carried on?

The broad idea is to hear from, and potentially interview, representatives of all aspects of Brighton. Busienss, charity, the young and the old. I want to understand how events played out and build a narative to be told through the interviews and film.

I’m keen for any of the following to get in touch:

  • A commuter turned home worker
  • A new mother or maternity worker
  • A mature person who may be struggling with lockdown or, who knows, may appreciate the change of pace.
  • A travel agent
  • A nightclub
  • A large corporate

None of this is set in stone as paths may lead off in different directions.

If you have a story to tell then please send me a message through the contact page.

The film will be entered into film festivals and potentially shown on TV though this depends on interest from the channels.