Twitter is a Leveller

We may have missed the real contribution social media has made to public discourse. It is a leveller. It has lifted the veil on a neurotic political/media establishment.

COVID Brighton – Update 6 – Transription

Comedians love the sound of laughter. It encourages them to continue. Similarly in normal conversation a listener gives feedback by way of words words like “yeh”, “right” and Wow!”. This is important as, subconsciously, it informs the speaker that they are saying something interesting and should continue. This week I conducted more interviews for the … Continue reading COVID Brighton – Update 6 – Transription

COVID Brighton Update 4

This week was very productive for filming the COVID Brighton documentary. On Tuesday we filmed a physio therapy company where we learned how digital media helped them maintain a minimal service even during the tightest lockdown. On Wednesday a self-employed carpenter told us how his business evaporated and he was forced to move out of … Continue reading COVID Brighton Update 4

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