The British Museum

Up The Smoke today. First time in months. Have been reading and viewing some great history books and programs. So to the British Museum to see some artefacts. Train to Victoria. Stifling bus to Trafalgar Square. The designer Thomas Heatherwick recently pointed out how, post COVID, we realise how absurd it is to lock people … Continue reading The British Museum

COVID Brighton – Update 9 – Video Prep

everything, read everything, mark the bits that we like and then cut them out with scissors and lay them out on a table. Then assemble them into some kind of narrative. I started down this line but now realise that the scale of the task was deterring me from continuing me and I procrastinated by chasing the few remaining interviews. Eventually I decided that one thing I could do while waiting for these interviews was to get the media prepared.

Twitter is a Leveller

We may have missed the real contribution social media has made to public discourse. It is a leveller. It has lifted the veil on a neurotic political/media establishment.

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