Don’t fence people out, fence us in!

The tragedy is that, while every generation challenges the ideas of the previous generation, they accept the world they inherit because it’s all they know. Whereas my grandparents (born at the start of the 20th century) considerred the world a vast and mysterious place, anybody born at the start of the 21st century considers it normal to view the entire surface of the earth on a small screen kept in their pocket!

The London Crablogger

The wankers who designed St. Pancras Station put the reception, underground at the back behind the toilets! Don’t accuse me of cynicism! Could the designers have been more cynical? According to Wikipedia the “fit-out works” were designed by Chapman Taylor. And again, according to Wikipedia, Chapman Taylor are a practice of global architects and “masterplanners”. Yes, it actually says that: Masterplanners! Their master plan was obviously to stop any of the thousands of people who use the station from finding the fucking reception!

Tolerance – You can’t always get what you want

Intolerance still exists in British society. Among right wing bigots of course but, more troublingly, amongst some on the left who promote gay rights and opposition to racism while they yell Fascist at anyone promoting economic austerity or taking pride in Britishness.

The Rolling Stones sang “You can’t always get what you want, but if your try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need”.

In an overpopulated world where different ethnic and religious groups exist side by side we don’t need to love everyone or to be indifferent. We don’t need to give up our deeply held beliefs. We don’t need to compromise or to respect the ideas of idiots. We don’t need to accept cultural relativism or cultural imperialism.

We may all WANT everyone to hold the same values as we do but what we NEED is tolerance.

Overall, I think that the British are pretty good at that.

Nothing to see ‘ere

Remember the picture of the human ear grown on the back of a mouse? Well a Cypriot-Australian named Stelios Arcadious has grown an ear on his arm……no…..I can’t be arsed to think of a pun. If you think this is odd check out this web site a web site named Next Nature which is a web site which documents changes in technology both inanimate and animate.

The South Downs Way

It is the ease with which we travel and communicate which results in such divergence in our comprehension of place. The same area represents different things to different people though they may be neighbours. In areas of London well appointed houses sell for millions but what to do about a cleaner? The rain was now constant though the wind had eased. There has always been a divergence in our sense of a place, social standing being perhaps the main cause but these days, with technology allowing individuals to customise their lives to such an extent, it’s a wonder we recognise anything at all.

travel photography – Objectifying the subject

I am in no way condemning the photographer of this shot. I have taken similar pictures and have to defend photography as an art form and state that, while the streets of western countries are fantastic subjects for photography the scale is less and less human. The beauty of pictures such as The Long Way Home may be related to their simplicity and humanity.

I guess there have always been disparities in wealth and power between the haves and have nots but these days cheap air travel seems to allow we who live in the rich world to objectify people from the “developing world” without a thought.

Americans who lose jobs are “losers” according to Pete King

However, thus far, no British politician has revealed themselves to be quite as moronic as Peter King, the U.S. Representative for New York’s 3rd congressional district. On Bloomberg TV Mr. King stated that the Occupy Wall Street protesters are “living in dirt” and “involved with drugs” and then went on to say that “there was violence”, “there was rape” and accused the protesters of being “losers”.

Mr. King’s words are astonishing. YES, these people may be losers but they are Americans. We should be shocked that this contemptible man can dismiss fellow Americans who suffer from the policies instigated by politicians, such as himself, as losers. By his words he betrays the people who voted for him.

The Snog

I find painting and photography a phenomenal art. Take an oblong of flat space and splash some colours over it. Surely there can only be so many patterns? So many images? But no. The patterns and images are endless. In fact there are an infinite number of patterns but more than that there are an infinite number of ways to interpret the image. The iconic aspect of photography is interesting. A photograph can grab the public imagination and crystalize an idea or an attitude. Think of the photo of the nakend Vietnamese girl injured by napalm by Nick Ut or the picture of Saint Paul’s cathedral amidst the smoke of the London blitz by Herbert Mason or even the recent photo of President Obama and other United States leaders watching the demise of Osama Bin Laden.

China’s Nobel prize tantrum shows recipient well chosen

The Chinese government could have reacted in a low key way and argued that it was working it’s way toward more open government but instead the Chinese authorities exposed themselves and their agenda.
Chinese government’s reaction underlines the aggressive nature of the people who comprise the government of China. They have got to where they are by bullying and intimidation and so this is their natural response to criticism.
They complain that the prize is an insult to the Chinese people but the Chinese government do not represent the Chinese people and they do not speak for the Chinese people. They have no mandate to power and they maintain their grip on power in the same way that tyrants have always maintained their grip on power: by bullying, intimidation and violence.
The Chinese government reaction to this award demonstrates a definite need for the Nobel Peace Prize to encourage democracy and freedom within all countries.
The award shows that the recipient was well chosen.

The UK in the red

Globalisation is all very well while the foreign money is pouring in and funding industry and jobs but once these foreign owners have their feet under the table they often find that it is more efficient to centralise production and transfer the industry abroad. This would be fair enough were it possible for British companies to buy up industry in China, Germany or Japan in the same way but other countries are not as open as the UK.

Los Angeles

The museum building is fantastic. Cut white stone, open, very well proportioned with great views. Absolutely beautiful. I can’t say I was struck by the contents too much and perhaps this is because I have visited larger museum throughout the world. Also this is a private collection so we should not expect it to rival the Metropolitan in New York. One pavilion was dedicated to de Vinci but the blurb on many exhibits seemed to say that the piece “may have been” , “could have been” or “is thought to have been”….something or other. All very great and worthy but not much that really struck me. Some nice plates. I think the real star of this attraction is the building itself.