Brighton Bin Men Strike

So the Brighton bin man strike is over. Shame! I liked it, it brought an old fashioned seediness to the city. It also was very effective at wiping the smug grins off our faces.

As Brightonians we are obviously intellectually superior to the rest of the UK and more sensitive to the changes made necessary by climate change as evidenced by having Caroline (“No place for banter and flirting in the workplace”) Lucas as an MP, having miles of empty bike lanes and the sheer volume of waste that we produce. Pop another iPad on the fire darling and close the curtains to make the rubbish go away. How can middle class people sleep peaceably in their beds at night without rough men who stand ready to dispose of rubbish on their behalf? Thankfully the strike is over so we can soon join the queue outside Canhams for our Christmas Turkey without having to inhale the stench of our own sordid hypocrisy. Personally I have resolved to email Ryvita and ask them to stop wrapping their crispbread in groups of four.