COVID Brighton – Update 8 – B-Roll

Filming continues for the COVID Brighton project though interviews have been thin on the ground over the past couple of weeks. We did manage to film two students. One at a sixth form college and one at university and it was very refreshing to get their, no less serious but more jovial, take on the activities we’ve undertaken during COVID.

We also interviewed a local church who thought the isolation brought about by COVID had been very hard but found Zoom to be extremely useful in holding their congregation together. Having said that they admitted that what they really missed was the real world physical communion of being with others and singing together.

We have only a handful of interviews left to finish and I have finally found my commuter. In the mean time I have been collecting what is known as “B-Roll”. This is additional footage such as film of empty streets, trains and dogs. I am coming to understand more than ever, that documentaries are driven by speech and, since people speak in erratic ways and since only a minority of the interview speech will be used, I will have to run B-Roll over the top of the audio. This will help make the film visually more appealing and also paper over the numerous cuts I will need to make.

Transcription is well underway and I expect to start preparing the footage for editing in the next few weeks. This will involve syncing the video and audio as well as labelling and marking the various media clips. I’ll probably write mote about that as I get into it.

Also worth mentioning is that, since 2020 was a wash out, I hadn’t botherred entering previous films in more than one festival but I have just submitted “Alison” to 2021 festivals in Bolton, Cambridge, London and Los Angeles! Hollywood here we come!