COVID Brighton – Update 7 – Audio

This week I put effort into setting up more interviews for the COVID Brighton project. I use a spreadsheet to track the contacts and it now has over one hundred rows. One for each organisation I have contacted. The bigger they are the harder they are to get in touch with. I’ve tried Amex & Legal and General but no response to phone calls, emails or a letter. I usually flag them as dormant after a few weeks and move on to someone else. This week, however I had some success. I have preliminary agreement from a charity and a church and good contacts with a railway company and a doctor’s surgery. The Universities are both playing dead and the students union are not responding at all. I’m also chasing up recycling centres as there seems to be something going on there. Whenever I visit they are full and I’m unable to get in. Perhaps we’re ordering so much stuff online that we’re throwing away more junk than usual?

We did conduct one interview this week at a Pizza restaurant which opened up last summer. The interview went well though we were aware of a dull buzz in the background. I decided proceed as I thought I had it under control but reviewing the sound later it was awful with a loud low frequency buzz throughout. However, watching several YouTube videos on the audio software Audacity I discovered ways of filtering out the worst of the noise. Tip for audio techies: don’t just rely on “Noise Reduction”. Try switching to Spectrogram view and using notch filters. They can work wonders.

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