The Anglo Saxons

The cruise ship industry is having a tough time at the moment with COVID but it’s a big business estimated globally at $23.8 billion carrying 13.9 million passengers! That’s a lot of people and while they’re at sea and not eating, drinking and dancing, those passengers need something to do.

Enter the Cruise Ship Speaker, also known as enrichment speakers and entertainment speakers. These are a disparate and geographically dispersed bunch of individuals who give talks to entertain the passengers. Often they’re not paid but given a free cruise provided they present a number of talks per cruise.

I knew none of this until recently when I met such a speaker. While the industry is in the doldrums, he’s preparing for the resurgence and I was commissioned to create a set of promotional videos demonstrating his public speaking skills. The example here is a talk on The Anglos Saxons which was filmed in St Peter’s Church, Preston Manor, Brighton. It was a fun project and I learned quite a bit. The Anglo Saxons is a fascinating period of around 600 years in which England came into existence. Sutton Hoo, The Staffordshire Hoard and Offa’s Dyke are all relics of teh Anglo-Saxons and the talk had a few surprises. For example, how many people know that 50 years prior to The Norman invasion England had a Danish invasion?

I offer film services to Anglo-Saxon, Dane & Norman alike. The cognoscenti and the Hoi polloi. I can produce drama, documentaries or promotional videos and supply services for filming, lighting, editing and colourising. Drop me a message if I can assist.











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