’Earthworks’ at Fabrica

This afternoon I dropped into the Fabrica Gallery on Duke Street, Brighton. They have an exhibition entitled ’Earthworks’ by @semiconductor_artists. “A five-channel computer generated animation, the work creates an immersive experience of the phenomena of landscape formation through the scientific and technological devices that are used to study it.”, it says here. Blimey! The exhibition runs until 22nd November 2020. Entry is free but they ask for donations and I suggest in these days of covid hysteria we should support them.


Nights Like These

In 2020 we had plans for a new film and when covid hit we were forced to revaluate. However, we felt that The Show Must Go On and wanted to get something into production. We therefore chose a minimalist approach to reduce risks and allow greater control. We’re very happy with the result. Nights Like These stars Angela Elise Munnoch and Jon E Cassell in a Pinteresque descent into relationship hell.