#notyetrecycled – Name and Shame

Have been following a few prominent British green activists on twitter and I have noticed how infrequently they say anything constructive. Most of the stuff is grandstanding rhetoric about the people that they hate. Green leaders seems more interested in left wing politics than the chance we now have (since coid19) of reorienting to a more ecologically friendly circular economy. The greens risk getting bogged down in ideological discussions about the ownership of the means of production whereas we should be more pragmatically looking for results no matter what economic ideology is in place.

So here’s an idea. Though I do my best to recycle, I find that much of the packaging is labelled #notyetrecycled. It seems weird. Why can’t the lids to plastic milk bottles be recycled? Why is the decorative packaging which encases the foils pouches of ground coffee not made from paper? Why do paper magazines need to be wrapped in not recyclable plastic? For this last one, the answer is that they don’t. As of 2019, The Ramblers excellent Walk Magazine is now wrapped in some kind of film made from potato starch. Well Done Ramblers!

How about some kind of regulations where we work toward laws which mandate that ALL packaging must be recyclable? Give organisations a number of years to comply. Of course there will be some products where this wont be possible. So what? “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try some time, you just might find, you get what you need

So, time to start naming and shaming. I suggest that every time we come across this stuff, we photograph it and bung it on social media along with a hashtag for the vendor.

This week it’s #lidl and #tesco.


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