House Arrest and High Water

After a burst of push button work after Christmas to top up my funds I am starting to focus on film again. I am preparing a short but very angry drama. I have a draft script and interest from actors. A venue has still to be found but since Boris has us all under house arrest I’m using this time to study cinematic storytelling on Kadenze. It’s good stuff. One thought provoking idea from today’s session as that a story is about how one person changes another.

I’ve used Adobe Premier Pro for my previous work but have now installed Davinci Resolve and am working through a tutorial. Its good software. I have a few gripes but, hopefully, these will be no more than teething trouble.

Last year I was assistant camera on an indie feature film shot in Brighton named High Water by Black Rock Films. Shooting is now complete and the rough cut looks very good. Black Rock still need Finishing Funds to get it across the line so if you earn good money then consider contributing to the arts. You may never be a movie star but you can get your name on the credits.

Contribute here:


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