Carry On Conformity – The Cult of Diversity

An article in The Guardian this morning highlighted another nail in the coffin of cultural diversity. In an article headlined “The Innuendo Ale is off / Great British Beer Festival calls time on sexist names” they report that the Campaign for Real Ale is trying to stamp out sexist names or imagery at its beer festival.

I have no great interest in beers which promote their wares with pictures of “buxom women”. Years ago, there were cans of lager with pictures of women on the side. This sort of stuff is usually considered with derision by those interested in beer but Jesus Christ! Are we that puritanical? When a society sets out to eradicate innuendo it should think very seriously about whether it has its head jammed up its own arse.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not against women drinking real ale, I encourage it. If we came to a time when men drank lager and women ale I’d complain to the men but hey, it’s their choice and if the women want to enjoy ale then good for them. No, what irritates me is the oppressive social engineering behind CAMRA’s decision.

The first motive is greed. The capitalist tendency to maximise profit. “We need to do more to encourage female beer drinkers, which are currently only 17% of the population, despite the fact that they make up more than 50% of the potential market” said some money grubbing twat.

Capitalist companies have always chased profit of course but in these days of global capitalism the companies which own brands have become detached from the cultures which founded them. When the management of a “beverage” company selling products in England might live anywhere from Lucerne to Los Angeles it is very easy to understand this phenomena. The male bias of ale drinking in the UK is no longer a cultural trait but an impediment to profit. The male drinker is now no more than an “outdated stereotype”.

But greed is not enough. The second factor which is used to promote conformity is The Cult of Diversity. As a fairly lefty liberal (with strong caveats) I am in favour of an inclusive society giving equal rights to all its citizens. However, back in the 90s the word diversity was co-opted by New Labour to push through an equality agenda. Nothing wrong with equality either but, taken up by doctrinaire obsessives, “Diversity” has become a dogma used by corporations and left wing ideologues to enforce conformity.

Think about it. If they have their way then ale will be drunk equally by men and women. Real Ale festivals will no longer be havens for socially awkward, semi autistic men but a pleasant social networking events for men and women. LIKE EVERYWHERE ELSE! You may argue that you prefer pleasant social networking events to those frequented by socially awkward, semi autistic men – Fine! Then don’t go and leave those men to their pints.

I am reminded of an article in The Independent which reported that London’s “Walking and Cycling Commissioner” considers that “Too few women and people from ethnic minority groups cycle in London and more must be done to promote diversity among a largely white, male and middle class biking community”. He didn’t consider whether ethnic minorities WANT to cycle. No, that wasn’t the point. The point was that we must have conformity in all things. Maybe black people are too intelligent to risk their lives on the roads? Maybe they’re too cool to dress like fluorescent twats? Doesn’t matter, they must cycle. And while I’m on the subject does London really need a Commissioner for walking and cycling? Would a Team Leader not suffice?

Gradually, remorselessly the Corporate backed Cult of Diversity is rolling over society creating a uniform homogenous monoculture and it’s not just Britain which suffers. It is every culture. From McDonalds in Paris to Starbucks in Rome. One radio program this week covered efforts by American corporations to redefine the definition of “Whisky” so that some Californian gunk mixed up in 24 hours could be sold alongside 12 year old Glenfiddich!

Remember that the “official beer” of the London Olympics (as if there should even be such a ludicrous concept) was Budweiser. Budweiser! The stuff made from rice and derided as piss in its own country! But that’s not important, what is important is that the owners of Budweiser, AB InBev, were selected as one of 230 companies driving diversity in 2019 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index. During the Olympics Budweiser were not so keen on “diversity” and had the organisers stop people wearing the logos for rival beverages on their clothing. That, I guess, is what is meant by “official beer”; bribing organisers to prevent alternative providers. Diversity my arse!