Was Anish Kapoor inspired by Star Trek?



One of the artists I first remember taking notice of is Anish Kapoor. I recall wondering around Tate Britain back in the 90s and coming across a large oblong rock with a fathomless black void hanging ominously within. I later learned it was called Adam which resonates for some reason probably related to the initial monolith scene in 2001, A Space Odyssey. Of course artists are free to find ideas wherever they want and Science Fiction is as good source as any. Sitting around vegging one Sunday this summer my channel hoping came to rest on an old episode of the original Star Trek entitled I, Mudd. There, in the background behind Captain Kirk was, what appeared to be the inspiration for Kapoor’s Adam. I, Mudd was first aired in 1967 when Kapoor was 13 years old. Did Kapoor watch Star Trek? 13 is an impressionable age for a boy and perhaps the image formed a seed which grew in Kapoor and eventually resulted in the marvelous Adam.

I, Mudd

I, Mudd

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