Going Green – boundless bean boiling

Infinity Foods

Infinity Foods

Pursuant to a greener lifestyle I visited vegetarian ground zero in Brighton today. Infinity Foods is on the corner of North Road and Garden Street or North and Garden as our American friends would have it.

The staff were fairly chirpy but the customers had a somnambulist gate and I meandered my way around them. Eventually, I bought three 500g bags of Kidney, Butter and Black Turtle beans on advice from a serving operative. I have in mind a dish of pork, leaks, tomatoes, lime juice and chili but with beans instead of pork. I thought that might work.


Infinity Foods

On arriving home I discovered that the beans must be soaked overnight in water then boiled for 120 Earth Minutes. This seems absurd! I can whip up a pork version of my chosen dish in 20 minutes. Are my vegetarian endeavors to be rewarded by a life time in the kitchen? Is this why the inhabitants of Infinity Foods seemed so listless? Really, the Red Cross should have someone standing by with oxygen, iron tablets and blood transfusions from healthy meat eaters.

And what about the effects of additional C02 released by incessant bean boiling? And what happens when I arrive home from the pub? After ten minutes watching a bowl of soaking beans I’ll, more than likely, give in and make a sausage sandwich…..mmmm sausage sandwich.

I wonder if these Greens have thought this through.