God save us from more shopping centres

Brighton Station


Have a look at this FT video on the new World Trade Center in Manhattan. It sounds like they are building another example of crass hyper-commercialisation. The Terminus is intended to allow passengers (not customers, PASSENGERS!) to move between the Path (subway) and the main Manhattan Subway. The bloke in the video says that it is also to serve as “A community hub full of restaurants and stores”.

I’ll say that again: “A Community hub full of restaurants and stores”. In the 21st century the definition of “Community” is “people shopping”. The other bloke bangs on about it being an “Economic engine” and that belies its real purpose: Another shopping centre to make money for big corporations. We are not able to just walk down the street without Big Corp tapping us on the shoulder and yelling BUY SOMETHING in our faces. In the UK, Kings Cross Station is now a shopping centre as is Heathrow airport. Even in Brighton, the station ticket office has been shoved to the side and the main old listed building has been converted into shops. The space where the large display board used to be is now filled with a massive video screen exhorting us to BUY MORE STUFF! In the 21st century nobody feels complete unless they’re carrying a bottle of water and I seriously doubt whether there is an Englishman left alive capable of walking the length of Oxford Street without a backpack loaded with supplies. If antarctic explorer Lawrence Oats were alive today he might still say: “I’m going outside, I may be some time” but the bastard would be back in five minutes with a tin of Coke, two Fantas, three Snickers, a Cornish pasty, a packet of cheese and onion crisps and a copy of the bloody Metro!

Don’t like social engineering? Think the Left should be kept at bay to prevent them micromanaging society? Tough! It’s not the Left who are hell bent on social engineering it’s the Right and their single minded obsession with turning the urban landscape into an unadulterated retail space. And another thing…….etc…etc……