Going for an Italian



Was in Rome a couple of weeks ago and stayed at the OP Hotel on viale Oceano Pacifico again. Fairly close to EUR. As I have blogged before this hotel is very satisfactory with a sort of art deco feel. However, I feel I have undersold it’s Gavius restaurant and may even have been guilty of opining that it’s too “ponsified”. I take this back. My previous assertion followed the observation that, after a day’s work, an Englishman needs good solid British food like Lasagne or Spag Bol. Food that can be whipped up in a jiffy and stuck in front of him without delay. On my first visit the food seemed to take an age to prepare and, when it arrived, though exquisite, wouldn’t have satisfy a gnat. This episode may have been an aberration.

On my recent visit the food was beautifully prepared, impeccably presented, ample and prompt (BIAP in the jargon). It got me thinking that I have been taking for granted the excellent food I enjoy while in Italy. I have previously praised the Girasole trattoria on Via dei Minatori but this is just one example of how your Italian takes his food seriously. Quality ingredients, care in preparation and care in presentation.

There’s another one on viale Cesare Pavese who’s name escapes me, but which serves good plain food like Buffalo Mozzarella, ham and potatoes. The coffee in the morning is good too and your money is taken by a jolly woman who, when asked if she speaks English, says “yes” very assertively but when pressed for more merely laughs effusively.

On the Thursday evening I visited Eataly.  This is an old railway station which has been converted into a cathedral to worship Italian food. Several floors laid out like a super market with small restaurants around the edge. All the food organic, local and wonderful. Row upon row of pasta. Giant hams. Fresh Mozzarella. Gorgeous!





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