Dine in the Sky

British Airways Dine in the Sky

British Airways Dine in the Sky

Saturday lunch time I intended to take the open top bus up to Devils Dyke with some friends. Walking along Hove prom toward the bus stop we were stopped by a British Airways employee giving away sticks of rock containing raffle tickets. The winner to receive something or other…….the guy gave his pitch and we yawned expecting a catch, or at least,  a request for our personal information.

We were too cynical. The guy wanted nothing. It seemed that all the sticks of rock were winners and we had “won” lunch at a table dangling from a crane overlooking Hove sea front. British Airways Dine in the Sky experience. He escorted us to a pavilion on the prom where we could get refreshments while we waited for the “flight”. After 5 or 10 minutes we received a safety briefing and were strapped into airline style seats surrounding a bar serving food and drinks.

It was a little frightening and I was not the only one to find myself gripping the bar with one hand. However, after a glass of plonk and some excellent tapas we got used to it. Though the sky was overcast and there were a few drops of rain the table revolved a couple of times and we got a great view down the coast. Bloody excellent! A publicity stunt to promote British Airways new flights to places such as Lanzarote but also an interesting example of how companies are using new media to get their message across.  I guess I am now part of British Airways marketing activity.

After “landing” we continued up to Devils Dyke where it poured with rain and and we repaired to the pub.

Dine in the Sky

Dine in the Sky

people sky grass rose

people sky grass rose

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