What happened to soap?

What happened to the soap?

What happened to the soap?

What’s happened to bars of soap? Time was when the supermarkets were full of soap. These days it seems that one can only buy what were previously regarded as specialist bars of soap; Wrights coal tar, Imperial Leather and the like. All at a high mark up. What happened to ordinary bars of soap? I guess we all know the answer: They’ve been liquified and are now sold as shower gel. But why?

I bought some gel to try out. I selected Original Source Mint and Tea Tree shower gel. The blurb states that they have crammed 7,927 real mint leaves into every bottle which is all very well but it has a slightly stingy effect on one’s nether regions.

I just don’t understand how one is supposed to apply the stuff. One squirts a dollop into one’s hand but as one tries to rub it on ones body it just runs off. At £3 for 2 125 ml bottles compared with £1.38 for 4 125 mg bars of Tesco Magnolia Bath Soap it’s a bloody stupid idea.

I guess it’s the marketing which makes us buy the stuff. We’re all susceptible to it. I just typed “shower gel” into Mysupermarket.co.uk and it displayed a large range of shower gels. One jumped out at me and I noticed a vague thread of thought which ran “Maybe I’ll try that one”. Which one? Nivea for Men….and why……well I can’t be certain but while typing this a Nivia advert came on the TV. Had there been a Nivea ad 5 minutes earlier?…… bloody marketing!



3 thoughts on “What happened to soap?

  1. i love this ..Samaina had a laugh reading your posts this snowy afternoon.So much packaging ..i never buy soap in those plastic pots decorated to match your room.My fav is tesco cheap square block ones. Iwhite for the kitchen,.tis all in my anti plastic scheme tho one with hygiene-plus oN it SEEMS to have appeared on my bench…as an actual soap bar seems to be dated and old ladyish to my children.Have nice bars for the bathroom tho am waiting for the dreaded plastic to appear

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