Hooray! January is over. What an awful month! You get up and it’s dark, you go to work and it’s dark. You come home and it’s dark. And it’s cold. And it snows. And the snow instantly turnes to slush or black ice. And it rains. And there are car accidents and there are traffic jams and the bloody train system closes down.

But January is over. We’ve survived and on Monday the sun broke through just as I got to work. Isn’t the sun fantastic? We British are stalwarts. We persevere through these bloody winter days but every now and them we get a glimpse of what life is supposed to be like and it’s beautiful.

The people who do road works have decided that the wiggly bit in the A23 just before Handcross isn’t difficult enough for drivers so they’ve added a few hazards. They have run a line of cones along the outside lane and painted two extra sets of centre lines down the road. So now there is a chicane where drivers can’t tell where the middle is and so meander around like morons.

The Wiggly Bit in the A23

The Wiggly Bit in the A23

Still, we have a bit of sun at last which creates some great light just after the rain.

Sun on the South Downs from Edburton Road

Sun on the South Downs from Edburton Road

And in Brighton today I noticed a great new bit of street art in St. George’s Mews along with some written words seeming to blame globalisation for poverty in Africa.

St George's Mews

St George’s Mews


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