Avatar – dull people shouting in desperate attempt to assert individuality

Screenplay writer

Chairman of the Avatar screenplay writing committee

Watched Avatar yesterday. The science fiction film written and directed by James Cameron which debuted in 2009 amid plaudits for it’s impressive Computer Generated Imagery.

Wikipedia states “Avatar is primarily an action-adventure journey of self-discovery, in the context of imperialism and deep ecology.”

Bollocks! This is yet another production line Hollywood amalgam of previous Hollywood action films. A stereotyped military/industrial complex plays token imperialism while over-romaticised Native American guff is trotted out to portray tribes of “spiritual” indigenous aliens. The real themes, as usual, are idiot American maverick belatedly turns on idiot American establishment with a backdrop of dieing foreigners.

CGI, imperialism and ecology are merely the vehicles which Mr. Cameron uses as a skeleton to support this staggering Cadaver of cliched, uninspired tripe. The helicopter attack on the Home Tree could have been taken straight out of Apocalypse Now. The alliance with Tsu’tey is too reminiscent of Top Gun. The “switch to manual” for the last battle must have been inherited from Star Wars and the pause in midst of battle for slow motion observation of the horrors of war accompanied by ethnic style vocals has been done too, too many times. One can almost hear the minutes of the production committees micro managing every bloody aspect: “Make her reach up and flick switches like in Black Hawk Down“, “Make the birds fly close and low like in Top Gun”, “Make the alien dog trip over like in Jurassic Park“.  Even the inclusion of Signorie Weaver cannot save this dogs breakfast.

History will judge Avatar, not for it’s paper thin anti-imperialism or ecological credentials, but for it’s GCI and that is as it should be because the alien world created by the technicians is tremendous. However, this films narrative and scripts digs Hollywood deeper into it’s navel gazing rut and the true theme remains: Dull people shout at each other in desperate attempts to assert individuality as instructed by the media/industrial complex.

There is also a very silly song at the end.


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