End of the World

The End of the World as portrayed by John Martin

The End of the World as portrayed by John Martin

The end of the world has been predicted for tomorrow 21st December 2012 at 11:11 GMT. Talking Bollocks has a reporter based in the world who will cover the story starting 1st thing Friday morning until midnight. If the world does end at any time Friday then our staff will record the whole story and report it to you, the public, as soon as the world become available again.

In the meantime, should you see the end of the world approaching please contact us stating where and when you saw the end of the world approaching and what colour it was. An artists rendition of the End of the World by John Martin indicates that it will be mostly black so please look out for anything very dark.

Our advice to anyone inclined to panic is to lay in a ditch with a paper bag over your head.

End of the World with a Poppy

End of the World with a Poppy

7 thoughts on “End of the World

  1. Weather clear, no signs yet of imminent natural disaster.
    Roads clear, no sign people are running for the hills.
    Two work coffee machines out of order. Could be start of global technological breakdown but given past performance this seems unlikely.

    As of now, no definitive sign world about to end but one thing is certain: nothing is certain.

  2. Nothing so far. It’s possible that the world did end and was replaced by something extremely similar. Like an Operating System upgrade. But how would we ever know?

  3. Nope, still here.
    It has rained a hell of a lot so perhaps this is to be a long drawn out watery apocalypse stretched over days, month, years or even millennia?

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