The Stan and Eddie Fan Club

Hilda, Eddie and Stan

Hilda, Eddie and Stan

When I was about 19 I shared a house with a couple of friends. When we were not working we spent most of our time in the pub. We formed a loose drinking group named The Stan and Eddie Fan Club after Stan Ogden and Eddie Yeats in Coronation Street.
Stan Ogden was played by Bernard Youens who died some years back. Eddie Yeates was played by Geoffrey Hughe who went on to play Onslow in Keeping Up Appearances a part very reminiscent of Stan. Sadly Geoffrey Hughes died yesterday at the age of 68.

Along with Stan and Eddie in Corrie, there was, of course, the indomitable and super realistic Hilda Ogden, played by Jean Alexander. In my youth, these three formed the only thread of fun and interest in a very dull soap opera. Who can forget Hilda’s “murial” or the storyline where Stan thought he may be allergic to beer? Stan and Eddie were true pub drinkers, happiest when they had a pint in their hands and a bar to lean on. We wont see there like again.

brighton bulldozer

brighton bulldozer

2 thoughts on “The Stan and Eddie Fan Club

  1. I’m fascinated. So there was yet ANOTHER drinking club based at the W***tsh**f. As well as The Wombats, The Hell for Leathers, and The Half-Whits (eventually to be conglomerated as The Hell for Half-Whits)…. How did we all fit in there.

    So which of you, Fruitbowl and Brooocie corresponded to the characters of Stan, Hilda and Eddie? I wouldn’t like to take it upon myself to nominate any of the three of you for any particular role in that club in case I earned myself a slap.

    Soap Opera Characters from the 1970s/80s. What a great theme that could have been for one of our old New Year’s Eve Fancy Dress Nights. You should have suggested it. Is it too late? (especially seeing as we’re all about the same age as most of those characters now…)

  2. An excellent idea! – Are you volunteering to play Meg Richardson? …..if so I’ll be Carlos the Spanish waiter……..could he be the muse on which the character of Manuel was based?

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