Marvelous boots

I recall sitting on the rail on a sailing trip over to France wearing a pair of rubber sailing boots. As the weather deteriorated my feet felt like they were clamped to a block of ice as mother nature sought to suck out my soul through the soles of my feet. When the sun came out the next day my feet were broiled in sweat as the sun burned down on the dark rubber.

So a while back I bought a pair of Dubarry sailing boots and they’re amazing. They’re Gortex covered in leather with insulated rubber soles. So they are breathable yet waterproof. Magic! My feet stay warm (or cool) and comfortable.

We live in a society which idolizes stuff. No sooner have we bought our new iPhone bloody 4 and they’ve brought out a newer better version so that we can feel we have a lesser product and become discontented. However, there are a few things that I’ve bought in my life that I am completely happy with and these boots are two of them. I was discussing them with a friend and she said that when she got her first pair they were so comfortable that she sat on the sofa watching TV with them on and I had to admit: so did I!

Dubarry sailing boots

Dubarry sailing boots

Fantastic Art Photography

Fantastic Art Photography

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