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Irreverent Car Enthusiast or right wing fascist?

Irreverent Car Enthusiast or Right Wing Fascist?

A friend suggested to me recently that The Left have the best comedians and I agreed though we then had difficulty identifying any right wing comedians. We settleed on Stewart Lee, representing the left, and Jeremy Clarkson, representing the right. It’s debatable whether Clarkson is right wing but then it’s debatable whether Clarkson is a comedian. He is a figure of fun, which might make him a comedian, and he’s sceptical about climate change, owns lots of cars and probably votes Tory which are attributes usually associated with The Right.

Stewart Lee performs material excoriating Jeremy Clarkson for his “politically incorrect opinions which he has for money”. On the Indymedia web site Clarkson is even accused of having a “fascist agenda” though you wouldn’t think it from his dress style. I don’t recall Franco, Mussolini or Hitler sporting brown corduroy trousers.

Stewart Lee - Comedian


So (I got here in the end), Clarkson is condemned by The Left as a fascist.

It’s interesting that the left feel it acceptable to brand all and sundry as fascist. Often the reason for branding someone as fascist is that they believe in free markets and small government but it’s worth remembering that the Nazis called themselves National Socialists, which seems almost the antithesis of an ideology based on free markets and small government.

It’s also interesting that we go along with the label fascist as derogatory while we never think to yell Commie at those on the left and, if we did, the left would probably not consider it an insult.

Why? European fascism has an appalling reputation due to it’s racist and genocidal activities in the 1930s and 40s but Soviet Communism carried out acts which, if not identical in intent, were equal in ghastliness. One can, of course, argue that the Soviet regime was a corruption of true communism but this is all very well unless you’re one of the poor bastards who suffered under its rule. One may as well argue that Nazism was a corruption of Fascism.

There is a saying in Britain: People in glass houses should not throw stones, and you’d think that the left wing would be more reticent about dragging up the crimes of the second world war yet the communist movement seems to have just shrugged this off.

Why is this? Why is the term fascist used so freely and effectively to abuse those on the right while those on the left act like they hold the moral high ground?

I have been following Real Time World War 2 on twitter and am finding that the day by day reporting has the effect of placing the events in some kind of context.

At the beginning of World War 2 in 1939 (as counted by the British and the French) the Nazis were rounding up Jews and herding them into ghettos or off to concentration camps. Around the same time the Soviets were murdering thousands of captured Polish soldiers and the Soviet regime was paying bonuses to Soviet soldiers who succeeded in murdering the most Polish prisoners.

In the 1930s and 40s in Europe a clash of ideologies took place. Communism on one side and Fascism on the other. Both were totalitarian, ruthless and evil. In reality both were probably a reaction against free market capitalism which had brought about The Wall Street Crash a few years earlier. I’m making this up as I go along but it is starting to fit together. We are even seeing a resurgence of Fascism and Socialism in Greece which is suffering more than most from the failings of free market capitalism.

The inheritance of the Communist/Fascist clash in British politics is a false left/right dichotomy. A dichotomy that never really existed in British politics because Fascism never gained a real foothold in the UK thanks partly to the Communist Party of Great Britain.

In British politics Labour are portrayed as a supporting policies such as redistribution of wealth and state ownership of industry though Labour have now abandoned the latter. The tories are portrayed as advocating capitalism and a meritocracy. But the Tories have also inherited an association with fascism which may be unfair. It’s pointless arguing that many toffs were Fascists because many working class were too. I wonder if the Tories have much in common with Fascism at all.

This is not to say that the British right is beyond criticism but by branding them fascist we incorrectly identify their failings. The failings of Tory policies is not a dislike of immigration. The Tories represent big business and big business loves immigration because it provides cheap labour. To brand the Tories as fascist is a stupid distraction.

The real criticism of the right wing should be it’s economic race to the bottom. It’s survival of the fittest mentality which leaves those less well able to look after themselves behind. It’s constant drive for profit which turns all human interaction into that of producer/consumer. Seller/Customer. An ideology which gradually erodes any gains we may have made under Labour. None of these things have much relationship with Fascism.

Screaming Fascist at a Tory misses the point. The British Tories are not about to don black uniforms and start marching around with flaming torches and they are absolutely opposed to the Fascist ideal of a strong state.

BBC Radio 4 has been retransmitting old episodes of the famous “Desert Island Discs” program where a famous and esteemed person talks to a presenter and, with the conceit of presenting their favourite music, tells something of their lives, frequently revealing some personal aspects of themselves.

Respected historian or amoral ideologue

Respected Historian or Amoral Ideologue

Recently I listened to a rerun of an edition of the program from March 1995 where historian Professor Eric Hobsbawm was interviewed by Sue Lawley.

Professor Hobsbawn is a confirmed Marxist and was so during the 30s and 40s. In his own words he stated that he was deeply and profoundly committed to the great cause (of bringing about a world wide communist utopia) and that there was not anything that was more important in life than the great cause. When asked if he thought it was worth any sacrifice he answered yes. When asked if all the innocents who had been killed by the soviets were justified he replied yes.

I too have left wing sympathies but listened to this man with mounting horror. It strikes me as an example of our deranged political culture that, while irreverent (and irrelevant) TV entertainers like Clarkson are castigated as fascists, men like Professor Hobsbawn are honoured by appearances on Radio 4.

Even after the horrors of the Soviet Union have been revealed to Professor Hobsbawn he was too arrogant to have any empathy with those who suffered under the Soviets. Men like this do not stand out like Adolf Hitler or Idi Amin or Muama Ghadafi. They sit in institutions quietly following their ideologies without thought for the people who may disagree with their over intellectual claptrap. Today these people may be in universities, in banks or in governments. They may be in the police force or in political parties. In Germany in the 1940s they were operating the gas chambers or compiling monthly statistics at Auchwitz.

There is a beautiful scene in the 1983 film Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence directed by Nagisa Oshima where an English officer visits a Japanese soldier in prison after the allies have occupied mainland Japan. The Japanese soldier has been tried for war crimes and condemned to death.

Sergeant Hara:   “I am ready to die, but I don’t understand, my crime were no different from any other soldiers.”
Lawrence:   “You are the victim of men who think that they’re right. Just as one day, you and Captain Yonoi believed absolutely that you were right; and the truth is, of course, that nobody’s right.”

“Men who think that they’re right.” – It’s a good phrase. Yes, it’s applicable to Hitler but, more than that, it’s applicable to the Hobsbawnes of this world. It’s applicable to the English Defence League shouting abuse at immigrants and it’s applicable to the ignorant left wing zealot screaming “Fascist” at people with whom he disagrees.




The following is a partial transcript from the March 1995 episode of Desert Island Discs with Professor Eric Hobsbawm.

Sue Lawley (SL):   So your saying that such was your commitment and your dedication that if there was a chance of bring about this communist utopia, which was your dream, it was worth any kind of sacrifice?

Eric Hobsbawm (EH):   Yes I think so.

SL:   Even the sacrifice of millions of lives?

EH:   Well that’s what we felt when we fought world war 2 didn’t we?

SL:   Isn’t there a difference between killing someone in war and killing your own?

EH:   We didn’t know that, dead is dead.

SL:    Let’s have record number 3

Artwork of Nigel Chaloner at Fine Art America

Artwork of Nigel Chaloner at Fine Art America

The Raleigh Chopper – Icon of a less serious age

Raleigh Chopper

Raleigh Chopper by Wil Freeborn

Alan Oakley, the designer of the iconic Chopper bicycle, has kicked the bucket aged 85. As for all English men of my age, the chopper was an important part of my life. It seemed years when everyone else had one and I didn’t and then, one birthday, I did.

Choppers were amazing. They were a joy to ride but they weren’t faster, lighter or easier to ride than conventional bikes. They were just fantastic! My fondest memories are of cycling down country lanes in the summers (which were, of course, long and hot).

Bikes of today are far too serious. They are crammed with stuff. Bora Ultra carbon aero cranksetsAlloy Brake Levers and Hydraulic Disc Brakes. Disc breaks! On a bike! Who the hell is going so fast on a bike that they need disk bakes? In the 21st century we seem to take ourselves far too seriously. Accountancy clerks spend their Saturday riding a bike and then wear a T-shirt to work proclaiming that they LIVE LIFE ON THE EDGE. No mate, you don’t. You are a hobby cyclist. That Lucozade your drinking used to be sold to grandmother’s as a health drink until a bunch of marketing men bamboozled you into thinking that it makes you cycle faster.

Rather than getting on our bike to look for work we don layers of spandex and ridiculous hats and board contraptions built to the tolerance of a space capsule only to ride around the streets shouting at cars. I remember a TV sketch referring to motorbikes but which I will adjust for push bikes. The son puts on his spandex leggings, his florescent top, his, frankly, weird shaped hat and crazy sunglasses and prepares to leave the house to ride his bike. His dad shouts “Are you going out on that thing again? It’s too dangerous, you’ll get yourself killed!”. The son replies “but dad, I have all he safety clothing”. The old dad yells back “You little idiot! That’s what I’m talking about, you look so stupid that someone is bound to beat the shit out of you!”.

Cyclists don’t need those all that clobber, they just need a pair of bicycle clips and a flat cap to keep the rain off. And they also need MUDGUARDS! What’s this bollocks that people are so macho they can’t have mudguards? In England! Where if doesn’t rain for three days in a row we declare a drought!

The Chopper is a symbol of another age. An age when efficiency and precision were secondary to fun. Bring back the chopper, I say, and while we’re about it we should start wearing flared trousers again.

st malo beach

St Malo Beach

Philosophy In Pubs event at The Palmeira in Hove

Half In Sunshine

Time To Think

Last night I attended a Philosophy In Pubs (PIP) event at The Palmeira Pub on Cromwell Road in Hove.

I’d heard about this from a friend and thought I’d wander up there for a Sunday evening pint and a discussion. The back room was full with about 8 groups of people around tables and budding philosophers had started to overflow into the main bar. I got myself a pint and sat down beside another guy and we perused the single sheet of blurb provided.

The idea is simple enough. You just meet in a pub and talk about philosophy. The organisers have thought up a theme and written some notes along with some famous quotations to get everyone started. There is no quiz and no inter table competition. You just sit and chat. Fan-bloody-tastic! A perfect repost to pubs which drown out conversation with loud music.

The theme of the evening was “Are we responsible for our own behaviour?” and the paper held various quotes. The one that struck me was by some bloke named Marcus Aurelius. It seems that Mr. Aurelius said: “Whatever the universal nature assigns to any man at any time is for the good of that man at that time.”

I think that one of the reason that I like to discuss philosophy is that I can often see all sides of an argument but Mr. Aurelius seemed, to me, to be TALKING BOLLOCKS and  I said so. This was used to kick off the discussion.

A statement like this immediately raises the question of who determines what is good for each person and we hit upon Anders Breivik, a Norwegian who killed 77 people in a bombing and a shooting rampage last July. Were Mr.  Breivik‘s actions for the good of the people who were shot? It seems unlikely. However, one fellow drinker was, perhaps, more even handed than me and suggested that if one believed in an afterlife then Mr. Aurelius’ view was at least possible.

We went on to consider the reasons for imprisonment of criminals such as protecting society, reform and deterrence and wondered whether, if it were possible to treat a criminal in someway where one was 100% certain that he would not reoffend, would it then be acceptable to let him go free? Even if the treatment consisted of taking a single pill? One man made the point that convicted murders are extremely unlikely to reoffend as most murders are within families and this gave me the idea that perhaps our judicial system should be staffed by murderers.

Our table eventually had six people, each with a different temperament and different political ideas which made for an interesting evening. One young man took a line of being provocative and repeatedly declaring that he was an automata without any responsibility whatsoever. At one time a woman became excited by the discussion of killings and spoke of animals and how they did not kill in this way because they had a sense of responsibility. To me this was a ludicrous statement but after some discussion I realised it had been a very useful contribution as it led us to the idea that perhaps a sense of responsibility was a characteristic which differentiated humans from animals.

One other incite I gained from the evening was a greater understanding of what we mean by responsibility and specifically that to have a sense of responsibility one must be responsible FOR something and TO someone and after some meanderings this led me to the idea that responsibility is really no more than an inherent propensity to make decisions which are in line with societies expectations.

All of this washed down with beer and not infrequent tangental foraging into becoming better acquainted and outright gossip.

A little web research led me to a PIP web site listing numerous venues around the UK where events such as these are held along with some history where a guy maned Rob Lewis claims to have set up the first PIP event in August 2001 at The Brewery Pub in Liverpool. Mr. Lewis has done us all a huge favour and invented an event which is the social equivalen of this blog.

The next Palmeira PIP event is  Sunday 10th June and the topic for discussion is to be “Is it possible to be free?”



Glorious Britain

For sale; The British soul

For sale; The British soul

“If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty, you have no brain”. This quote is, possibly mistakenly, attributed to Winston Churchill. In the 21st century perhaps we should swap Labour for Liberal.

I was left wing when I was young. I had ideals of fraternity and equality. As I aged, I veered to the right. I started to understand that economic is real; that the government has no money except the money we give it; that ultimately it is us that pays for everything.

In the early years I agreed with Thatcher’s privatisations. Why should the state own industry? But as Thatcher’s changes gained traction and as New Labour mimicked and exaggerated her ideology I found myself disgusted with the whole hyper-commercial edifice which was Britain. During the Thatcher years I recall seeing a TV play about “the future” where kids sold electricity to their parents. I thought this ridiculous but this can now happen. If one buys one’s electricity and gas from Utility Warehouse one can earn money buy introducing new customers.

Britain has sold its soul for cafe latte and I find myself moving back to the Left. I want my society to have a sense of community. I want my society to look after the poor and infirm. I want the streets to belong to people and not be just an advertising platform for corporations. I want to roll back the privatisation of public space. My culture should be lived not used to sell trinkets to coach loads of tourists.

I return to my left wing ideals but, depressingly, find that the leaders of the left are either shits, idiots or delusional. I have come to the conclusion that the Left in Britain do not really want to raise up the working class. They do not really want to change society. Instead they are content to be the eternal griping dependents of the Tory elite who they claim to despise.

Today I stumbled across the web site of the The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. The strap line on their web site is: “No to Cuts and Privatisation! Make the Bosses pay!”.

“Make the bosses pay”.

Not “let’s take control!”. Not “let’s change the way Britain works”. No, let’s just cadge a bit of lolly off the toffs. They’ll still be in charge but at least we’ll get a couple of pints and a bag of chips. The cardinal attributes of the British left is not empowered leadership. It is not optimistic energy. The cardinal attribute of the British left is a bitter determination to squeeze the rich and a heartless obsession with control.

In the 90s New Labour were content to leave the capitalist system intact, milking it for funds, while planning more and more idiot schemes to micromanage our lives. Some of the schemes favoured by the last Labour government were: the militarisation of the civil servants who man our border control, identity cards, satellite tracking of cars by the state, mass interception of emails, presumed consent to remove organs for transplantation, holding people for 48 days without charge, a DNA database for whole population and ubiquitous CCCTV.

On the 14th April I listened to BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions and someone asked: “Should cigarettes come in plain packets and would it make a health difference?”. The Secretary of State for Justice and former director of British American Tobacco, Ken Clarkek, spoke first (0:38:18) and said “people now understand the dangers” and went on to say “the point at which you so police somebody else’s wellbeing that your are prepared to order them, put penalties on them, if they wont stop doing something which you think they shouldn’t do is a step one should take cautiously”.

When it was Labour MP, Harriet Harman’s turn to speak (0:42:12) she lectured us at length about the dangers of smoking. She explained that it causes heart and lung decease. This patronising tirade epitomised the attitude of left wing politicians. They can talk for hours about stuff that, as Ken Clark pointed out, we already know. They arrogantly assume that they are more informed than we are. They consider that the warn out cliches which they trot out are pearls of wisdom to the ignorant masses. They cannot conceive that we may have heard all of this before yet reached a different conclusion because our values are based on individual liberty.

The root cause of the British political dichotomy is probably the British class system. The toffs are indoctrinated in special schools to have unjustified self confidence. They believe that they are born to rule and so they find ruling easy. They do not have to be competent, they just have appear confident because we, the working class, still have an ingrained and erroneous respect for toffs.

You deny it but you do! We all do. We may hate the middle class middle manager but we love the eccentric old toff. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in Doctor Who, General Mike Jackson in The Balkans. When British troops went into Iraq Colonel Tim Collins gave a speech and said: “…Iraq is steeped in history. It is the site of the Garden of Eden, of the Great Flood and the birthplace of Abraham. Tread lightly there…”. We loved it. We lapped it up. We British are romantics. We listen to these well educated, confident men and we sneer at the egalitarian Americans. We British are content to send our sons to die on the other side of the world as long as we have some Eton educated idiot fill our heads full of romantic nonsense. “Play up! play up! and play the game!” It is our pride and our curse.

Of course the Thatcher years were supposed to change all this. We were told that we were upwardly mobile. The factories were closed and we were sold cheap suits and sent to work in offices. We were now middle class.


Upwardly Mobile

Upwardly Mobile

Yes, we’ve had a bath and are materially better off but we office wallahs are still working class. We still talk of nothing but football. We still ridicule education, imagination and individuality. “They hate you if your clever and they despise a fool”. We go on Britain’s Got Talent and tell the pundits that we want to express our individuality but we do it by copying every other fucker who wants to express their individuality.

At heart we still respect the toffs and we still need them to tell us what to do. Crucially, we still prefer to swing the lead rather than get off our arses and take control. The toffs are afraid of hard work while the working classes think that being in charge is too difficult and prefer to throw a sicky.

The status quo has existed for centuries and, rather than upsetting it, the left just shout and scream and demands concessions. Rather than reducing the working class to abject poverty the elite throw us a treat now and then to stop us from rising up and doing any real damage.

After a 13 year run by Labour finishing with a plunge into the biggest economic fuck up since World War 2 Labour turned on a sixpence and reverted to demanding that the government stop the cuts. The working class fell for this nonsense and people, who were not politically aware during the Thatcher years, are now expressing hatred of the Tories. Yet where were these hypocrites during the New Labour years? Where were these charlatans when New Labour wanted to introduce super casinos, built by large American corporations, in areas of deprivation with the ludicrous excuse that this would provide jobs?

Ah, but the left attracts idealists and romantics. This week I heard a great old song on the radio: “Letter From America” by The Proclaimers. According to Wikipedia The Proclaimers are socialists and the background for this song is that Thatcher had shut down Scotland and people were all leaving for America. Great song. Great sentiment.

But hang on. Thatcher is blamed for creating mass unemployment right? So the poor Scottish people were forced to emigrate to another country which, presumably, was not run according to a heartless capitalist ideology. Well great. So, which country did they choose? Cuba? Ukraine? North Korea? No, they chose The United States of America. A country which considers universal health care to be communism.

The next British general election is due in May 2015 and I doubt that the economy will have recovered by then and so Labour will probably get back in. Though most of the leaders of New Labour conveniently slipped away before the shit hit the fan there were more than enough lackeys to grasp the reins of power. So when Labour do get in they will doubtless manage the economy as badly as before.

Is the situation hopeless then? Are we British doomed to alternate between Tory and Labour. Are we condemned to eternally stagger from boom to bust? Shat on by Tories, shoveled up by Labour.

There is hope. Other countries manage to combine competent financial and economic management with liberal social polices and they are just a quick hop over the North Sea. Perhaps Scandinavia is a model for Britain’s future?

First we need to ditch the class system which underpins the oscillating nature of British politics and even here the left are too stupid to make progress. When Tony Blair had the chance he botched the House Of Lords reform instead stuffing it full of cronies. Now the Liberals are trying to introduce elections and Labour are using the occasion for political point scoring. They think that parliament is too busy sorting out the debt crisis to worry about reform. Over 600 MPs sitting on their arses all day in the Palace of Westminster can’t handle two things at once? As usual Labour are TALKING BOLLOCKS. Labour should support reform of the House of Lords and once that is out of the way they should start thinking about reducing the power of the monarchy. Notice I don’t suggest abolition as I consider the continuity provided by the monarchy to be useful.

And there is the real problem. We British cling to the past and are not brave enough to strike out for something new. But change is coming. Recent immigrants to Britain don’t fall for this working class romanticism drivel and Scottish independence may be less than a decade away. Perhaps the break up of the United Kingdom will be the kick up the arse that the British need?

Fulking Bonfire

Fulking Bonfire

Make money working from home – FRAUD!

Online Fraud

Online Fraud

As a blogger I often receive spam encouraging me to make money from my writing and “Work From Home”. A nice idea and, if I am to believe this stuff, then I could be making about £40,000 a month merely by giving my personal details to a bunch of sharks on The Internet.

I am amazed that these guys bother attempting such obvious scams but I guess they must get some takers. I have a couple of advantages that allow me to see through these web site scams: First I’ve worked in IT for years and secondly I am a cynic.

So, for the less web literate and the more trusting, I thought it might help here if I outlined some of the factors that identify such sites as obvious scams. I’ll pick the last one I came across to use as an example. The site seems to be entitled “ONLINE Career Journal” but the URL is webnewsweekly.com/uk/.

The layout of the site is reminiscent of a newspaper and the title suggests that it is some kind of online “journal” with a smattering of adverts and what appears to be an article written by an independent reporter on a system to make money online.

The first thing to remember is to trust NOTHING you see on The Internet. Any page on the Internet can be made to look like anything, The fact that this one looks like a journal means that someone has chosen to make it look like a journal not that it is a journal. Ignore claims such as “as seen on SKY TV, The Daily Telegraph, BBC”. These may be reputable organisations but anyone could write such claims. They mean NOTHING.

One suspicious indicator that this a dodgy site is that the article is very recent. The date on the article is just yesterday. What a coincidence! The site may even tell us that the offer closes the following day. Ignore such pressure and visit the same site the next day  and you will find that the date on the article and the closing date for the offer have increased by one day. In the example above even the dates on the comments advance by one day!

And that’s another suspicious thing. The site claims that “Comments have been closed due to spam” . Could be. On the other hand closing the article for comments prevents anyone who gets scammed from commenting on the fact.

Now let’s check out the links. The web site above appears to have twelve tabs for other content. The article is in the Finance tab but there are also tabs for “Tech”, “Economy”, “Media” and so on. If we click one of these tabs we are taken to another site named http://www.24hourcashconnection.com and this is the whole point of ONLINE Career Journal. To take us to 24hourcashconnetion and get us to fill in our personal details. If we try clicking on any of the links on webnewsweekly.com/uk/ and we are taken to the details collection form. There is NO other content.

So what happens if we fill in the form. Well first it requires personal data such as email address, address and phone number. If we fill in all the details then we are taken to another screen with a count down timer set at 5 minutes. We have five minutes to enter our credit card details. This is high pressure selling!

At this stage we known absolutely nothing about the product or service being sold other than the suggestion that it will allow us to make money online and that we have by some freak chance caught the offer with just five minutes to go.

The cost is only $1.95 but the blurb states that if we were to give them our credit card details then we would be charged $1.95 USD for 5 days access to their web site. After this “trial enrolment” expires we would be charged $29.95 per month for “hosting and maintenance”. It is claimed that we may cancel at any time by calling a toll free number (0808) 234-3469.

I dialled this in the UK and it was an illegal number. I dialled it in the U.S. and reached a recording machine which gave no identification and merely asked me to leave a message.

Let us assume that we have given them our personal data and credit card details. They are now taking money from our cards every month. So what have they given you? As I’m not willing to enter my credit card details I can’t say for certain but I think we can infer that they will give you access to some lame web site with lame hints on making money online. Hints and tips that can be found anywhere. e.g. Check your facts, check your spelling. That kind of stuff.

So what details do we have of the organisation or person from which we have bought this service? We don’t have the name of a person. We don’t have a company name. We don’t have an address! We don’t even have an Email address!

All we have is a telephone number in the United States which nobody answers.

Incidentally, don’t feel pressured for time with this site. If the 5 minutes expires they give us another five minutes. If that expires they give us another five minutes. And so on.

But wait, the web page includes a video of famous news anchor woman Tanya Rivero the host of Good Morning America Health who has filed reports for Good Morning America and anchored World News Now and America This Morning for ABC News.

Who? Well I dug those details on Ms. Rivero out of Wikipedia but the point about Wikipedia is that anyone can update it. Perhaps she is real and this is a real video on home-working but it’s very general and no mention is made of this web site.

Well the site has market tracker information. Does it? Maybe they’re just random numbers appearing there or maybe they do plumb into a financial feed service. Who cares. Any web site can do either of those things.

Now let’s look under the bonnet (hood if your American). Web pages are constructed in a computer “language” known as HTML. This is a series of “statements” which instruct our web browser to show information in various ways. Most browsers allow us to view this “source” HTML in it’s raw format. Different web browsers allow this in different ways. Here are two:

Chrome:     View – Developer – View Source
Safari:         View – View Source

It is beyond the scope of this article to teach HTML but if this were a legitimate site the comments by users could not be encoded in HTML. The comments would have to be stored and dug out as necessary.

If we view the source for webnewsweekly.com/uk/ we can see that the comments from supposed customers are “hard coded” meaning they were created by the web page author when the page itself was created not by web users later on. We can also see the date on the comments are derived from a variable named Now1string which is set to always be equal to today’s date minus one day.

The page is a scam. Don’t be drawn in by this rubbish.

To recap, here are some of the things which make this page suspicious.

  • Unrealistic claims.  £40,000 a month – yeh right Then why isn’t everyone doing it?
  • Lack of information. They give no details about themselves or the product or service which they are selling.
  • Fake links. All links take us to a page requesting personal information and there are No links to other content.
  • High Pressure selling. All dates are yesterday, today or tomorrow. Offer appears to close very soon.
  • Comments too positive. All comments are positive. When have you ever seen a list of comments without some idiot either complaining or being abusive?
  • No more comments possible. Nobody closes comments unless they want to avoid negative comments.
  • Picture of a cheque. Could they be any more blatant in tempting desperate people? An image of a cheque proves nothing.
Star House

Star House

P.S. – Whoever runs this scam also runs other web sites which are more or less the same but with different names.

These are a few I’ve noticed:


Blair? Back in Politics? With his reputation?

Look back in anger

Look Back In Anger

The Guardian is reporting that Tony Blair is keen to ‘re-engage’ with UK politics and has apparently hired a spin doctor as part of an attempt to raise his domestic profile.

You couldn’t make it up. Blair always played his role as if he were an actor, making loud speeches while leaving the scripting and the work to someone else. Now this delusional narcissist thinks that he can make a come back. Like some ageing movie star surrounded by sycophants he thinks he will make one last movie.

Even after the New Labour years have been shown to be a drunken binge funded by borrowing from the next generation; even after the Iraqis have been shown not to have had weapons of mass destruction; even after the MPs have been shown to have had their fingers in the till; even after his Director of Communications and Strategy (Alistair Campell) has revealed that he was suffering from alcoholism and depression during the Blair years; even after the press that supported Blair have been shown to be breaking laws and lying and the police conniving with the press and the bankers have been shown to have been funding lavish lifestyles by taking huge risks with investors money; even after Brown ran a deficit during boom years, sold half the UK gold reserves at the bottom of the market and shafted everyone’s pensions this scurrilous shit still thinks that everything was fine and Britain just needs another dose of New Labour bullshit.

I was surprised when the guy who brought war to the Middle East was made the UN Peace Envoy but I was not surprised that he went into banking after he left politics. And I am not surprised now that he wants to make a come back. When he was PM I was astonished at the gall of the man. I recall one time when he ran out of arguments he justified what he’d done by saying he had to do what he thought was right as if he had some special religious powers to tell us what was right. Remember that ghastly self riotous and patronising grin? – “Ah, OK Tony, as long as you think it’s right”.

The fact that he thinks he can return is ample proof of the delusional and narcissistic nature of the man. He thinks that his unending claims to be “passionate” about everything is sufficient substitue for practical policies. He thinks that it was him that held power and he forgets the lackeys and spin doctors that really held him in place and are now scrambling around trying to get power for themselves.

Get the old team back together…..we’ll make a comeback……it will be like the old days……yeh right! Only this time the economie is in a mess and everyone will remember how they all shafted each other last time around.

If Blair comes back then his admirers may support him thus splitting the vote for the next leader between Blair, Milliband 1 & Milliband 2. Hopefully this will finally drive a stake through the comatose, stinking remains of New Labour and that can only be a good thing. It’s almost worth getting him back just to see the fragile reputation which he retains amongst the stupid torn to shreds and the fact that he doesn’t see this coming is more proof of his tenuous grasp on reality which will only add spice to the spectacle.

Bring it on!