Shut That Door

Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond

So Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland, has been feigning outrage at an Economist cover which portrayed Scotland as “Skintland” implying that, if Scotland left the United Kingdom, it would be worse off financially. It seems that Mr. Salmond is just as scheming and manipulative as any other British politicians. He also rejected the idea that, if Scotland did leave, they should accept any of the debt of the banks which were recently bailed out by the British tax payer. A bit rich since much of the bailout money went to Royal Bank of Scotland.

It seems to have been years that the Scots have been threatening to leave. In fact, didn’t they have a referendum a few years ago and decide to stay? I can’t remember. The Québécois carry on in the same manner in Canada. Constantly threatening to go but never quite leaving.

I am reminded of the mother of a friend from years ago. We used to go around his flat and drink beer and talk rubbish. His mother would visit and eventually get up to leave. She would then stand with the door open for hours talking away and saying “I must be off now” but never actually going. I think she really just wanted some attention but we were too young and inconsiderate and would just sit waiting for her to go or stay but please shut the bloody door.

Similarly with the Scots. Personally I think that the UK is better off for all of us if Scotland remains in the Union but if they want to go then they should feel free to leave. But PLEASE! Stop talking about it and go. It’s boring and there’s a draught.

Come to think of it, the Europeans must be sick of the British standing by the door while Eastern Europe is trying to get in.



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