The Lord’s Terms & Conditions


The New Cathedrals?

It seems that, these days, Easter in New York means a hat parade. People walk around in fancy hats admiring each other. This reminds me of a Science Fiction Trilogy by Michael Moorcock entitled The Dancers At The End Of Time (1974).

The trilogy tells of a bunch of people who live at the “end of time”. They inhabit a world in which they have gained complete material power and they manipulate the world using little rings on their fingers. The technology behind this had long been forgotten having been invented millennia in the past. The people have become decadent and spend their days seeking novelty. One day they spend all their time creating flags as this was the “in thing” for the season and one flag was the size of a continent.

Is this a comment on New Yorkers? Well partly I guess but, by extension, the rest of us too. BBC Radio 4 ran a story in the last few days where they were saying that most kids don’t know what Easter is about. Outrage that they know nothing about Christianity and all the rest of it.

I am usually an agnostic and haven’t seen any reason to know about religion but I am now starting to wonder. Given that, as a species, we seem to like to follow rules and do what everyone else does then maybe indoctrinating the population with a lot of myths on which to base the system and, specifically all the punishments, is a good idea. I suspect that the indoctrination would need to include some thing a bit more spiritual than hat parades though.

It has been suggested that shopping malls are modern day cathedrals. Perhaps it’s possible to create a religion based on capitalism, commercialism and materialism (CCM?) Perhaps we have already done this? If so then it may be a good plan to accept that CCM is the new religion and dress it up in a lot of archaic English to give it a more religious feel?

The Lord’s Terms & Conditions

Lord, thine world is full of marvels and wonders,
And I am free to choose,
Thanks be to choice for choice is the root of all good,
Glory be to Madison Avenue for it exalts thy wonders,
Which I may own through my own labour,
Though I am responsible for my situation just as others are responsible for theirs,
I vow to research my purchases thoroughly on comparison web sites prior to purchase,
And repay my debts,
As others debts are repaid to me with interest,
Thanks be to copyright and patent,
For they enable innovation,
And innovation creates yet more products,
Which I must strive to buy,
Blessed are the payment companies for they enable e-comerse,
Blessed is globalisation as it empowers comparative advantage,
Forgive us our debts,
After due bankruptcy procedures,
And sell us this day our daily bread,
Deliver our goods next day,
For our is the kingdom,
The power and the glory
For ever and ever

I ACCEPT                 I DECLINE

Happy Easter everyone.



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