The madness of the Republicans

The Economist had an article in their December 31st issue where they listed the necessary attributes of a Republican party presidential candidate if they are to fullfil the demands of the Republican “base”. In the opinion of The Economist a candidate must believe not just some but all of the following things:

  • that abortion should be illegal in all cases
  • that gay marriage must be banned even in states that want it
  • that the 12m illegal immigrants, even those who have lived in America for decades, must all be sent home
  • that the 46m people who lack health insurance have only themselves to blame
  • that global warming is a conspiracy
  • that any form of gun control is unconstitutional
  • that any form of tax increase must be vetoed, even if the increase is only the cancelling of an expensive and market-distorting perk
  • that Israel can do no wrong
  • that the “so-called Palestinians” ( to use Mr Gingrich’s term) can do no right
  • that the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education and others whose names you do not have to remember should be abolished

    st malo beach

    St Malo Beach


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