Real Time World War 2

Soviet T-28 tank captured by Finnish forces, Varkaus, Finland, 1940

Soviet T-28 tank captured by Finnish forces, Varkaus, Finland, 1940

An Oxford University graduate named Alwyn Collinson has started tweeting the second world war. What!? Yes that’s right. He has started in 1939 and intends to continue for six years. The guy tweets a little snippet of information every few hours. As I write I can see that “Major Pajari is Finnish, speaking to troops under his command. They’ve rallied at the village of Kokkari, 6km behind front line”

This is fascinating as we get to understand events in some kind of context. I am not reading all the tweets but recently I have been following the soviet invasion of Finland. I had no idea that the soviets attacked Finland so early.

Obviously there is a question here about the authenticity of the items which the guy is tweeting and I’m not sure of his sources. Possibly he just has a big bumper book of the second world war.

The twitter tag is @RealTimeWWII.

What an excellent idea! In fact, this could be done with all sorts of stuff. In fact, it would be interesting for any historical event and it’s possible that the bloke has bitten off too big a chunk of history. Something that occurred over a few weeks or months might be better. How about the 1969 moon landing, the Apollo 13 near disaster or the Cuban missile crisis?

This guy may have started a trend. Future versions might be backed up by web sites including video. In fact, here is an even odder idea. Since kids now record their entire lives on Facespace perhaps, by the time they enter their forties, Facebook might have created an option to retweet all the Facebook messages from their youth? – Spooky!

Trees In Silhouette

Trees In Silhouette

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