Twitter language map – Don’t tell the Germans

Big Think have identified a couple of guys named Mike McCandless and Eric Fischer who, between them, have created maps of the world showing in which locations people are tweeting in which languages. Very interesting though it seems to have set off something of an argument about Catalan on, what I assume, is the initial Flickr post.
The languages broadly follow state boundaries as far as I can see though German tweeting does seem to extend down through the Czech Republic and Slovakia but th least said about that the better.

It could be, of course, that this map will cause horrendous war throughout Europe as each states seeks to include all their nationals within their borders. It’s an interesting idea. As far as I know, the Nation State only really came about in the 20th century. By this I mean the concept that a state should be made up of the land where one specific national people live. Prior to that it was all empires and most people didn’t really get much choice in who ruled them.

I wonder if, armed with maps such as this, states may try to fine tune their borders as the Germans so famously did in 1939. If so then it might be a recipe for continuous warfare as borders would need to change every time a person left their home.

In case any politicians are leaning in this direction I already have a solution. Given the power of information technology, it should be possible to have virtual nation states which exist on the land currently occupied by all citizens of that nation. Each would have a zone around them extending perhaps one metre which would be ruled under the laws of their nation state. It would mean everybody would need to be tracked by GPS but this should be no problem – If you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to fear – I jest of course. I’m sure that Moslems would love such as idea as it would mean that they could enforce Sharia Law though I do see complications when people of different nations interact. Perhaps there could be some kind of default law which governed public spaces or some kind of weighted precedents based on power and status as there is today with fucking bankers and politicians!!!! – ahem…excuse the outburst.

Border according to Twitter

Border according to Twitter

Borders according to the post WW2 settlement

Borders according to the post WW2 settlement

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