Kvetch, The Kings Head, Islington

Kvetch, King Head, Islington

Kvetch, King Head, Islington

On Saturday night I saw the Steven Berkoff play Kvetch…..again.

I’d seen a version directed by Britt Forsberg in Brighton in 2010 and this was so good that when I heard The Kings Head in Islington were presenting the play I had to go.

Weirdly I will quote myself here: “The story revolves round a salesman and his wife who are almost paralysed by their fear of what other people may think. The play opens with the salesman heartily inviting his work colleague home for dinner whilst internally dreading the idea that the man might accept.”

The Brighton version was extremely good and I had wondered if I would be disappointed. Hah! If the Brighton version was energetic the Islington version was almost crazed. Directed by Julio Maria Martino, the Kings Head interpretation was high energy but tightly controlled with the acting more closely resembling choreography as the actors fiercely gesticulated their anguish and bile.

Each actor had a painted theatrical mask which, while initially a little odd, came to dramatically portray their angst and paranoia. A minimalist set was imaginatively used and the long thin table served to emphasise each characters isolation while the bedroom scene had the crowd in hysterics.

A definite must see the play runs until the 4th November.

Kings Head Theatre
115 Upper Street
N1 1QN

Phone: 02032868788

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