Why is the sky blue?



Years ago the search engine did what it said on the tin but these days the owners have realised that it’s where we often start our browsing and therefore a great place to offer functionality or content. Google has been evolving fairly surreptitiously to the average user. Without cluttering up the page they have now added quite a lot of extra goodies. Currency converter and language translator for example.

Most of us will have noticed Google Instant by now. This is a feature of the Google search engine which reads what we are typing as we type and displays results immediately rather than waiting for the return key to be hit. In general this is pretty good though, on slow connections, it can be more or less unusable. Fortunately Google have allowed us to switch off Google Instant.

Google Advanced Search can be useful if we want to refine our search as it allows the exclusion of key words as well as restricting the search to a specific time period.

Another feature of Google which is interesting is Google Suggest. This is where Google suggests the most common search phrases as we type. So, for example, if we type “Talking” into Google it will suggest “Talking Heads”, “Talking Tables”, “Talking to the moon lyrics” and so on. No mention of TALKING BOLLOCKS I see, probably because they ignore what they consider to be expletives.

Google Suggest can be useful as, if an appropriate search phrase appears, we can quickly select it and not have to enter the entire phrase. A side effect of this is that we can see the most popular search phrases used by others and this is interesting too.

I entered some common question words such as “why” and “who” and found that many people are asking fairly uplifting questions. They are interested in the environment, their partners or their new child. It is not all peace and love however, when asking questions of themselves people seems worried about their weight or appearance or sexuality.

I’ve listed a sample of the phrases which I found below but you can try it yourselves.


Why is the sky blue?
Why do we yawn?
Why is a raven like a writing desk
Why do you want to work for us
Why do we dream?
Why am I always tired
Why buy new
Why do cats purr
Why did the chicken cross the road
Why does Easter move

When will I

When will I die?
When will I ovulate?
When will I feel my baby move?
When will I see you again?
When will I get my state pension?
When will I see you again lyrics
When will I get my p60?
When will I get my pension?
When will I get married?
When will I go into labour?

Who will I

Who will I marry?
Who will I marry quiz
Who will I marry quiz for girls
Who will I marry name generator
Who will I be
Who will I be demi lovato lyrics
Who will I marry in the future
Who will I find in baker street
Who will I get married to
Who will I marry name

How can I

How can I make money
How can I lose weight fast?
How can I make money fast?
How can I lose weight?
How can I keep form singing?
How can I tell if I’m pregnant?
How can I speed up my computer?
How can I download youtube videos?
How can I stop my period?
How can I help Japan?

Why am I

Why am I always tired
Why am I so tired
Why am I so ugly
Why am I always cold
Why am I always hungry
Why am I not losing weight
Why am I gay
Why am I single
Why am I so fat
Why am I here

Why are

Why are we here
Why are people racist
Why are pandas endangered
Why are tigers endangered
Why are flamingos pink
Why are polar bears endangered
Why are people gay
Why are black people black
Why are there protests in Egypt
Why are people protesting in Egypt

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