George Shaw at the South London Gallery

George Shaw

George Shaw

I’ve been looking out for an exhibition of the work of George Shaw for some time and finally found that an exhibition at the South London Gallery.

The exhibition is entitled The Sly And Unseen Day. Shaw paints pictures from his youth growing up on a housing estate in Coventry. He uses Humbrol paints which are more normally associated with the painting of airfix model kits which many young boys will remember from the 1970s.

His pictures are devoid of people and I find them strangely haunting and reminiscent of my own youth. I have heard it suggested that Shaw’s pallet is predetermined by the set colours of the paint. I doubt that he mixed the paint. Up close the effect is almost metallic and each brick in a brick wall seems individually to spring out of the canvas. His control of light is excellent and shows up in the shadows of trees cast on buildings and the reflections from large rain puddles.

The gallery is an impressive old building on Peckham Road, admittance is free but they request donations. I found it easy enough to park in a side road.

The South London Gallery

The South London Gallery



Green Rose by Nigel Chaloner

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