ex-pat wife misunderstands “abroad”

Send in the SAS says ex-pat wife

Send in the SAS says ex-pat wife

I just caught a bit of Channel 4 news covering the situation in Libya. An British woman with a large pearl necklace bemoaning the fact that she had not been telephoned by the British government and that her husband had not been magically plucked from the Libyan desert by the SAS.


It seems that someone in the UK did not perform perfectly and several aircraft due to pick up British citizens arrived in Tripoli later than would have been ideal. However, said woman was talking of the her husband and other miscellaneous British workers on remote oil and gas installations far from Tripoli scattered around the very large Libyan desert. A quick look at Libya on Google Earth confirms what I had thought. Libya is a large desert country stretching around 1500 miles east to west and about a 1000 miles north south. I doubt that the be-pearled woman herself knew where her husband was so expecting the British government to know where he was, know who she was and then give her a quick call to make sure she was alright seems a bit optimistic.

Workers in locations like this get paid over he odds specifically because the location is weird and potentially dangerous. The responsibility for their safety lies with the companies who employee these people. She and her husband were presumably happy to collect the dosh but failed to realise that they are not in Britain any more and cannot expect the same level of service as when they’re back home in Cardiff. One statement really took the biscuit. She said “Britain has one of the best armed services in the world” – Well, perhaps, but that doesn’t mean that we want to get involved militarily all over the world just because some expats have run out of milk.

Then we had the invidious Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander condemning the government for it’s handling of the situation. Mr. Alexander put  forward no suggestions or policy but merely tried to profit from people’s misfortune with a knee jerk condemnation of government action. The Tories cutting? – Too fast he cries! – Brits being rescued from Libya? – Too slow he squeaks.

Of course Mr. Cameron has been on TV apologising. It’s interesting that, these days we expect the Prime Minister, of all people, to be responsible for operational activities during an evacuation such as this. The PM has no special understanding or knowledge and there is no reason why he should get involved. A senior foreign office official would be more appropriate but I guess this reflects the way politics has been forced to adjust to the media.

“I’m a very private person” said the woman – yeh, right. Not so private that you don’t go straight on telly to make ludicrous demands.

I suggest that she and her husband stay in England and get a nice local job.

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