Phone hackers targeted treasure trove of information

Mr. Coulden, may have been overheard in a pub talking about aliens

Mr. Coulden, may have been overheard in a pub talking about aliens

Unemployed taxi driver, Steve Coulden kept a “treasure trove” of information on a mobile phone which he alleges was targeted by a private investigator working for Rupert Murdoch’s News International, a court heard yesterday.

Lawyers for the former taxi driver said he thinks he can remember “possible anomalies” on his phone around 2005 or 2006 while Mr. Coulden was driving for Quick Cars of Camberly and this was the same time that a News Of The World reporter was hacking into mobile phones.

The 45-year-old driver is suing the Sunday newspaper and Mr Mulwaire – who he accuses of accessing the voicemails of friends of people who worked in a chip shop near the place where the radio controller of the taxi firm worked – for alleged breach of confidence and privacy by listening to messages left on his phone. Both the NOTW and Mr Mulwaire say there is no evidence that hacking of Coulden’s messages took place and nobody gives a shit about what he says anyway.

In a pre-trial hearing Jamie Reed, for Coulden, told the High Court in London that the science desk of the NOTW would have been “extremely interested” in matters related to Mr. Coulden’s theories on extra terrestrial visitations in south London and his plans for an engine which runs on washing powder.

Mr Reed said: “Mr Coulden’s position is that he can’t remember who called him and what they said but he thinks that the News Of The World knows something because of something he read in the pub one night that he can’t remember but it was something about aliens. He also explains that he rarely receives ‘real information’ in his voicemail messages and mostly it is a case of ‘Hi Steve, it’s Bob here, can you call me’ but he thinks that he did have a message from aliens about that time and anyway it’s the principle of the thing.

“He makes it quite clear that, though he doesn’t get a lot of calls, there is a treasure trove of sensitive information on his voicemail at any one time – or there used to be, not so much now that he is out of work”

The court also heard that Mr Coulden thinks that someone was listening to him when he was chatting to his friend Stan in the Three Greyhounds as the very next day The News Of The World ran an article about three legged Aliens which nobody had even talked about until Mr. Coulden had told his mate Stan that he’d seen one. However, Mr. Coulden, does admit that he may have called The News Of The World later that evening and left a message saying he’d seen three legged Aliens or something.

With perhaps dozens more similar cases now likely to be brought before the courts as a result of the announcement by Scotland Yard that it had discovered evidence of a new group of potential hacking victims, it seems unlikely that Mr Mulcaire will be allowed to fade from public view any time soon

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