Outcasts – Stop shouting and have a cup of tea?

Outcasts - where did we pack the tea?

Outcasts - where did we pack the tea?

This evening saw the first episode of Outcasts, a new Science Fiction series on BBC1 starring Hermione Norris.

The concept is good, an apparently empty planet named Carpathia awaits a ship from Earth bringing escapes from a nuclear holocaust – We haven’t had a post holocaust escapade in a while have we?

The ship is the last to escape and is having problems landing. Meanwhile on Carpathia the obligatory angry tosser insist on carrying a gun and going around shouting at everyone. Yes, the script relied on the usual blend of contrived aggression and shouting.

There is brief mention of sinister others who have been eradicated to make way for the human arrivals though we are led to believe that some may have survived and this probably lays the groundwork for future episodes.

Mainly the action takes place outside amongst some fantastic scenery though there is the usual control centre replete with numerous computer screens and silly slidey doors.
The program ended with the deserved death of shouty man on the planet’s surface and the ship breaking up as it re-enters the planet’s atmosphere. Amongst the final shots was a one of shouty man in some kind of escape capsule. Is this a flashback or did this obstruction to an intelligent series survive?

The program has promise though I do hope they can all calm down and consider the wonder and potential of their situation.

Worst line so far: “Do you want to get out of here and go somewhere else?”

2 thoughts on “Outcasts – Stop shouting and have a cup of tea?

  1. Do you want to be shouty man ?
    Do you want to go elsewhere ?
    mmmmmm…..will leave it up to BBC to take me there
    Perhaps they can

  2. Shouty Man was played by Jamie Bamber, who has quite a following in the US from his role in Battlestar Galactica. His early death might not go down too well with BBC America viewers, especially as Bamber got big billing in the pre-showing write-ups.
    Still, the same writer used to kill off favourites regularly and with gusto on Spooks, so we shouldn’t be too surprised. If they want the Series to live long and prosper, they could try bringing on one big name every episode, playing a right bastard, and kill ’em quick so we can at least switch on thinking “How nasty will (s)he be? How will (s)he get it?”

    Course, I could be wrong and that wasn’t the real Shouty Man, just his clone running amok, while the real one is out there in the wilderness pulling strings.

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