45 minutes to get out of Asda car park

As I was in the area, today, I thought I’d drop in to the Asda in Brighton Marina. Big mistake. Whoever owns Brighton Marina has been steadily building more and more shops and flats. As the Marina is artificial it only has one access road which runs down a sort of flyover. Add to this the way that the Asda car park entrance runs around a bend so that you cannot see the mass of traffic before you until it’s too late and you’ve joined the queue for the car park. I queued patiently and parked. When I emerged it took me 45 minutes just to get out of the car park.

All this is, of course, ghastly but it made me wonder about the new development which was being planned for Brighton Marina which, according to some reports, could include 1,280 new apartments.

It makes me wonder what our city council is thinking of. What possible sway could large rich developers have over city councillors? It beats me.

3 thoughts on “45 minutes to get out of Asda car park

  1. It may be that the city councilors don’t have a choice. If there is a property seller and a property buyer, there may not be any ordinances or restrictions currently in place to prevent the development. I once fought a battle over a housing development that went into a meadow behind my house. In the end, there was nothing the abutters or the town government could legally do. The only thing that could be done is to change the local ordinance, and that isn’t easy. Now there’s a shopping plaza going in across the street.

  2. I notice too that British cars have gotten bigger. Maybe if they sized down they wouldn’t take up so much space.

  3. I saw on a tv programme that a certain towns roundabouts, cant remember which town, were built using the plan with coffee cup stains on it, where ever there was a cup stain they put a roundabout!
    After travelling round Devonian and Cornish towns I can well believe that.
    In Redruth where I live they have spent thousands putting up signs for cyclists. We hardly get any tourists here, yet alone ones on bikes and now they are proposing to only pick the rubbish up once a fortnight!

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