Withdrawing payments services from wikileaks is wrong

the establishment is acting illegally to stop wikileaks

the establishment is acting illegally to stop wikileaks

So first Paypal and Mastercard and now Bank of America are refusing to handle payments for Wikileaks. This is outrageous. In the 21st century electronic payments are as critical to individuals and business as electricity and water supplies. The idea that the payments companies have the right to pick and choose who they provide these services to is wrong.

Electronic payment services should be provided to everyone. The only exception should be where an individual or company is prosecuted and convicted of some crime. Whether or not the release of information by wikileaks is right or wrong, as yet, wikileaks have not even been endeited of a crime let alone convicted. We are seeing the establishment illegally commandeering the mechanisms of our society to attack it’s critics.

I do not agree with the recent mass release of confidential information by Wikileaks because of it’s scatter gun approach. There is a legitimate benefit in diplomatic communication remaining confidential unless specific laws are broken.

However wikileaks provide a valuable service and if it’s actions are to be limited then this should be according to due process and the rule of law and not by politicians and business conniving extra-judicially to bring wikileaks down.

We should support wikileaks.

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