Sandton Towers – Johannesburg

View from the Sandton Towers hotel

View from the Sandton Towers hotel

I was in Johannesburg on business recently and stayed in the Intercontinental Sandton Towers Hotel. This is a modern building with art deco interiors. The staff are very friendly and everything seems fast and efficient from the receptionists to the way the lifts open as soon as they stop. The rooms are spacious and include a bathroom / dressing room with a large shower cubicle and separate bath and toilet. The beds are amazingly comfortable and wireless internet is included.

A “skywalk” connects the Sandton Towers to a shopping mall with numerous shops, a food hall and a number of restaurants. Sandton is an area of Johannesburg which appearers to be composed mostly of an interconnected complex of modern hotels and shopping malls surrounding Mandela Square. Mandela Square is a little like a European Square surrounded by restaurants with a giant statue of Nelson at one end. The Butchers Shop and Grill is the big hit in Mandela Square. Fantastic cuts of meat served beautifully along with some excellent South African red. Not many chips though.

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