Ireland in Crisis – Time for another Act of Union?


Room for some more colour

Room for some more colour


There is talk that the UK may help bail out the Irish Republic and that some Tory MPs are outraged at such an idea. They shouldn’t be. A precedent for this sort of thing was set in 1707
when England bailed out Scotland following it’s financially disastrous attempt to establish a colony in Panama. The Acts of Union united the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland into a single, united kingdom named “Great Britain”. Great Britain went on to become what historian Simon Schama called “the most powerful going concern in the world

Perhaps the Irish might like to give this a try. This might have a side effect of easing the still unsettled tensions in Northern Ireland. Irish Union could be achieved, not by splitting Northern Ireland off from the rest of the UK, but by joining southern Ireland to the UK. Bob’s your uncle. Irish troubles solved.

This line of reasoning leads me on to wonder about the intermittent disgruntled noises coming from Scotland in favour of independence. I believe in democracy of course and this includes Scotland’s right to secede from the United Kingdom. However, since it was England which bailed out Scotland in return for Union, would England and Wales then be entitled to ask: Can we have our money back?

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