Paxo does Brand

On Friday night I returned from the pub to discover Jeremy Paxman interviewing Russel Brand on Newsnight. One of the best interviews he’s done. Though some may find his words self serving I found Brand’s comments intelligent and honest. Check it out.

Though Brand appears slightly gob smacked to find himself before the legendary Paxo and ernest to answer questions to the best of his ability yet Brand’s flamboyant public persona seemed to allow him to speak frankly and personally about concepts that many dismiss as trivial but which go to the heart of  21st century Western culture. His vocabulary is wider than most politicians an he covers celebrity, religion, aftershave, narrative and politics. All this without losing his waggishness yet causing Paxo to comment “Blimey!” – Blimey indeed!

Paxo does Brand

Paxo does Brand

2 thoughts on “Paxo does Brand

  1. Did you notice that at 5:09 he caught himself from saying, “It’s Bollocks!”

  2. I just listend to it again. yes, he does he says: It’s ….. tiresome.”
    Well spotted.

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