Ed Milliband – Toadying pays off

Toadying pays off

Toadying pays off

So Ed Milliband has won the Labour leadership contest and I’m hearing a lot of nonsense about how experienced he is. If he has experience then he has disguised it well. His Wikipedia entry lists his experience thus:

“Born in London, Miliband graduated from Oxford University and the London School of Economics, becoming first a Labour Party researcher, and rising to become one of Chancellor Gordon Brown’s confidants, being appointed Chairman of HM Treasury’s Council of Economic Advisers. Miliband was elected the Member of Parliament for the South Yorkshire constituency of Doncaster North in the 2005 general election.”

University – Researcher – Advisor – MP. NIce work if you can get it. One has to ask why anyone considered that a man in his thirties who had never had a proper job would be worth asking for advise let alone parachuting into a Labour safe seat. Like many of the current bunch of political leaders, in all parties, Ed gained power by toadying to the powerful. Having said that, he’s probably a better choice of leader than his brother.

David Milliband was the obvious successor to New Labour’s Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and favourite to win the leadership. His supporters have been whining that brother Ed only won the contest because the union’s backed him. Hello! The Labour Party was founded by the unions and gets most of it’s funding from the unions. Like them or hate them they have the right, both technically and morally, to pick their leader. Had David won instead of Ed I don’t expect we would be hearing that David had only won because of the support of the party.

I hear that “close friends” of David Milliband claim that he said before the leadership contest that if he didn’t win then he would leave politics. Today the Guardian reported that David’s wife, Louise Shackleton, was “in floods of tears” and “furious about the manner of his defeat”. I am reminded that Tony Blair, after bullshitting us for years that he was “passionate” about everything in politics from schools to hospitals to freedom, he chose to give up his politics and become a banker when he left the Labour leadership.

All this goes to show that the main players in New Labour were, and are, arrogant narcissists interested only in power and not in politics. Good riddance to the lot of them.

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