Egg attacker convicted while Tomlinson killer walks free

More serious than Murder?

More serious than Murder?

The BBC has reported that a man threw an egg at Conservative peer Baroness Warsi on a visit to Luton in November 2009 has been jailed for six weeks. The man, Gavin Reid, was convicted of under the Public Order Act of intentionally causing harassment, alarm or distress.

The video evidence suggests that the “harassment” occurred in a public place and was witnessed by both the general public and police officers. Hmm….this is very similar to the attack by PC Simon Harwood on Ian Tomlinson at the G8 summit in which Mr. Tomlinson eventually died? Both incidents were witnessed by the general public and police. Both incidents were recorded on video camera.

Amazing that the Crown Prosecution Service managed to convict Gavin Reid for throwing a few eggs yet decided not to even charge PC Harwood for a blatant and violent attack! Is throwing eggs more serious than a violent attack and potential manslaughter?

This obvious corruption allowing the police to escape justice forces all of us to consider every policeman a potential attacker who is immune from the law.

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