Hendrys beach and Lake Cachuma

Hendrys Beach

Hendrys Beach

Dog walking along Hendrys beach was the order of the day yesterday morning. In fact dog walking seems to be all this beach is used for. After lunch I headed down to the marina. On Wednesday afternoons Santa Barbara Yacht Club runs a race known as Wet Wednesdays. I walked around the pontoons looking for a boat that needed crew. Most did not as the wind was light but eventually I was invited onto a J125. A beautiful boat with a good crew. The sea was flat and there was about 4 to 5 knots of wind. We didn’t break any records but it was a wonderful sight to see about 30 boats out.

Cereal Bowl

Cereal Bowl

One thing I like about America is that they continue to innovate. In the shower this morning I noticed that the plug hole had a little mesh thing to catch all the hairs but this little mesh thing was removable! – Brilliant! In L.A. I had seen a bike rack on the front of a bus and this morning I noticed yet another idea: a cereal bowl with an embedded straw. The idea is that you eat the cereal and then suck the milk up through the straw.

View over Santa Barbara

View over Santa Barbara

After breakfast I drove up to Lake Cachuma about 15 miles north west of Santa Barbara. The countryside around here is fantastic. Rolling hills, grass, oaks trees and numerous wild flowers. Then back east along winding roads up into the mountains. Amazing views over Santa Barbara and space to stop on bends which stick right out with steep drops. Many signs of the previous summer’s wild fires. Bushes burnt grey and black but new growth everywhere. Up here it is quiet. No traffic noise, just the sounds of the birds and the bees. In a landscape such as this one has a feeling for the land and I imagined the days before the freeways when a journey from Lake Cachuma to the sea might have taken several days.

By half past twelve I felt a little peckish and so set the GPS to the Cajun Kitchen and drove back to Santa Barbara for breakfast.

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