Chinese train that never stops

Thanks to Mik Brown for bringing to our attention a Chinese idea for a train that does not stop at any stations?

A good idea? The Chinese think so and have created a video presentation demonstrating the idea. It is not a daft as it sounds. The idea basically is that the passnegers board a separate “connector cabin” which is picked up as the train passes. Simultaneously, passnegers who wish to get off board a connector cabin which is left behind at the station.

My view is that this drive dor efficiency is pointless. Making travel easier, quicker and cheaper merely means that we travel further. Many years ago a person might have walked an hour or so to their their place o work.
Today we travel by car or train and work 50 miles or more from home.

I can’t see the point of commuting when I can plug myself into the net from home.

Still, it’s a clever idea and perhaps it will be used until the inevitable accident where the connector car slams into the front of an oncoming train.

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