Kvetch at The Brighton Media Centre



On Saturday night I saw a play at the Brighton Media Centre. The play was Kvetch, by Steven Berkoff and was part of the Brighton Festival Fringe. It was a scream. The venue was a small room and the seating did not allow very good visibility. However, this did not prevent enjoyment of a very good play.

The story revolves round a salesman and his wife who are almost paralysed by their fear of what other people may think. The play opens with the salesman heartily inviting his work colleague home for dinner whilst internally dreading the idea that the man might accept.

The stage has a bright green background which appeared to be the same colour as cinematographers use when they overlay images on backgrounds. This gave the experience a very telly visual feel and this was heightened by the internal reverie’s of each character taking place while the other characters freeze framed.

The play explores the timid fears that we have of venturing outside our mundane existence. The fear of society and the fear that if we are true to ourselves then we might lose the material and social possessions that we have grown to reply on. Perhaps even the fear of death.

A fantastic production that had the audience laughing from the very start.

KVETCH by Steven Berkoff
Directed by Britt Forsberg
Brighton Media Centre Studio
6, 7 and 8 May 8.00-10.00 pm

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