Baa Baa Bradshaw

Baa Baa Bradshaw

Baa Baa Bradshaw

I heard John Humphrys interview Ben Bradshaw on BBC Radio 4’s Today program yesterday. Mr. Bradshaw said “Get Real”. I think I first heard this term used by politicians recently when  Gordon Brown used it during one of the televised leaders debates. Since then every Tom Dick and Harry politicians seems to be using it.

I’ve noticed this before. One of the leading politicians would use the phrase and suddenly all the second raters pick it up.

With Blair it even seemed to happen with his accent. All his little clique suddenly started speaking Estuary English.

I find it amazing that even MPs who are supposed to be leaders behave like sheep.

The other term they are all been using is “progressive”. They are all progressives now apparently. I have no idea in what way they think they are progressive unless it is in changing what Ben Bradshaw, out of nowhere, termed “our broken and completely discredited electoral system”. If the electoral system is such an issue for Labour then it is strange that they did not think to change it before they went to the country.

The truth is that New Labour are doing what they have always done which to compromise their principles in order to stay in power. I recall that when Tony Blair was inventing New Labour the argument was that if they did not change then they would never regain power. That the Labour party went along with this argument shows how they were more interested in power than they were in their principles. On the other hand perhaps this was a triumph for democracy. If each party merely conducts polls on the popularity of various policies and then adjust their manifesto to fit then the population will get what they want no matter who they vote for.

I suspect that the new “progressive” agenda is no more than more Mandelson spin. Like “Get Real” it is a phrase that the sheep have been instructed to use as often as possible in an attempt to fool us into thinking their is subtance where there is none.

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