Election Media Coverage

I was in France last week and so missed some of the election coverage. I did see the front page of the Telegraph on the web one day and they had run an article suggesting that Nick Clegg had compared the reputation of Great Britain unfavourably with the Nazis! What a pathetic and seedy story. Do they really think that their readers are that stupid? perhaps they do?

I guess election fever reveals the true character of the editors of these newspapers along with that of their owners. In this case the owners are David and Frederick Barclay. The Wikipedia entry for these two says that they are worth about £ 1.8 Billion and “have earned a reputation for avoiding publicity”. I note that this penchant for avoiding publicity doesn’t seem to stop the little shits smearing other people character.

I tried to watch the leadership debate on Thursday evening from a hotel room via my work PC but my company have blocked streaming video. I thought I could at least listen via the BBC web site but streaming audio was also blocked. Finally I sat there watching some bloged responses. A bit pointless I know but when I finally watched a repeat via the web that was about as much fun as the blog.

On Saturday night I watched the excellent BBC program Have I Got News For You and saw a great clip of Gordon Brown TALKING BOLLOCKS to avoid a question from the BBC’s Nick Robinson. This was immediately followed by a look from Peter Mandeslon that, in my view, said: “Yes, I know he’s an idiot, you know he’s an idiot but we’re going to bluff it out and you can’t do anything about it.”

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