That’s Gordon

Brown is irresponsible and lacks judgement

Brown is irresponsible and lacks judgement

There is a phrase being bandied about by the Labour party whenever Gordon Brown does something stupid. The phrase is “well, that’s Gordon” and we are hearing it practically every day now.

The reaction we are supposed to have is, oh well, he may be a bit clumsy and irascible but he is really very good with economics and, well, he’s like your mate who can be a bit of a prat sometimes but he has a heart of gold and you wouldn’t swap him for the world.


Mr. Brown may well be irascible and clumsy but this does not mean that he has sound judgement or that he is a good leader of th British economy. Let me restate some of Mr. Brown’s blunders.

  • Taxing dividend payments depressing pension funds
  • Selling the nations gold at the bottom of the market because he thought he had abolished boom and bust. (and announcing his intention first to drive the price lower)
  • Setting up a Tripartite system of financial regulation which resulted in no clear responsibility for regulation of the banks.
  • Deluding himself that inflation was low because cheap Chinese imports kept high street inflation low while gigantic asset price inflation took place in the stock and property markets.
  • Running a budget deficit even during the boom years
  • Dithering while Norther Rock collapsed.

There is another little myth that Mr. Brown himself propagates. This is that the financial crises is global in nature and therefore he cannot be blamed for any of it. This, also, is bollocks. The reason the crises is global is because each responsible government member around the world was, to a greater or lesser extent, imprudent and incompetent. If a group of people go into a bar and drink beer and all get drunk it is not an excuse for one of them to say: well, we were all doing it.

And the leaders of the hyper-capitalist trend which lay behind the crises were the United States and the United Kingdom. Remember Brown preaching sanctimoniously about “light touch” regulation to the other countries in the EU?

Yes the fact that Gordon Brown is an unpleasant character is beside the point.

The fact that he is incompetent is not.

Is Gillian Duffy a bigot?

During one of Gordon brown’s pre-election walkabout today a woman was dragged before him so that they could get a bit of footage of Mr. Brown talking to ordinary people. The woman was a 65 year old from Rochdale named Gillian Duffy. During the exchange she said: “You can’t say anything about the immigrants because you saying that you’re ….but all these eastern europeans that are coming in, where are they flocking from?”. Mr. Brown was all smiles and waffle but when he got back in his car he neglected to remove his radio microphone and was overheard saying that Ms. Duffy was a “bigoted woman”.

Wikipedia defines a bigot as follows:

A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices.

The correct use of the term requires the elements of obstinacy, irrationality, and animosity toward those of differing devotion.

The origin of the word bigot and bigoterie in English dates back to at least 1598, via Middle French, and started with the sense of “religious hypocrite”. Forms of bigotry may have a related ideology or world views.”

So, is it true that one can be termed a bigot for uttering the words:

“You can’t say anything about the immigrants because you saying that you’re ….but all these eastern europeans that are coming in, where are they flocking from?”

Or was Mr. brown TALKING BOLLOCKS. Perhaps he is a bigot? Certainly, to my mind, he is “a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices”. Perhaps Mr. Brown is prejudice against discussing immigration?

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Election Media Coverage

I was in France last week and so missed some of the election coverage. I did see the front page of the Telegraph on the web one day and they had run an article suggesting that Nick Clegg had compared the reputation of Great Britain unfavourably with the Nazis! What a pathetic and seedy story. Do they really think that their readers are that stupid? perhaps they do?

I guess election fever reveals the true character of the editors of these newspapers along with that of their owners. In this case the owners are David and Frederick Barclay. The Wikipedia entry for these two says that they are worth about £ 1.8 Billion and “have earned a reputation for avoiding publicity”. I note that this penchant for avoiding publicity doesn’t seem to stop the little shits smearing other people character.

I tried to watch the leadership debate on Thursday evening from a hotel room via my work PC but my company have blocked streaming video. I thought I could at least listen via the BBC web site but streaming audio was also blocked. Finally I sat there watching some bloged responses. A bit pointless I know but when I finally watched a repeat via the web that was about as much fun as the blog.

On Saturday night I watched the excellent BBC program Have I Got News For You and saw a great clip of Gordon Brown TALKING BOLLOCKS to avoid a question from the BBC’s Nick Robinson. This was immediately followed by a look from Peter Mandeslon that, in my view, said: “Yes, I know he’s an idiot, you know he’s an idiot but we’re going to bluff it out and you can’t do anything about it.”

Nemocracy in the UK – government by nobodies

Me? Secretary of State for International Development? With my reputation?

Me? Secretary of State for International Development? With my reputation?

How did Douglas Alexander get to be Secretary of State for International Development?

Consider his Curriculum Vitae: Born in 1967, Mr. Alexander studied politics and modern history, worked on the American Presidential Election campaign in 1988, was a speech-writer and researcher for the shadow Trade and Industry Secretary, studied law and then worked for six months as a solicitor. Nothing there screams “International Development”.

On April 9th Tribune Magazine highlighted a back door route into government with a story showing how the Labour party waives its candidate selection process at the behest of Peter Mandelson.

The latest case involves journalist Tristram Hunt who has been picked by Mr. Mandelson for Stoke Central. Mick Williams, a party member since 1964, claims the selection was “obviously rigged” and has resigned in protest. This follows a row over the selection of Jonathan Reynolds who had not been included in the short list drawn up by the Stalybridge Labour Party members but whose name was added after an intervention by Mr Mandelson.

The popular perception of a British Member of Parliament used to be a local person fired by a sense of injustice working for a party nomination, fighting and winning an election, spending years on the backbenches and only after proving their effectiveness in parliament might they be promoted to a cabinet position. You’d need to look hard to find anyone like that in the current cabinet.

In the 21st Century British cabinet members appear as if out of nowhere. Like Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, Peter Mandelson fiddles with the controls and yet another cloned version of himself shimmers into life. Another yes man who can “send the right message” but not “do the right thing”.

A review of the education and work experience of cabinet ministers is enlightening. Unsurprisingly few of the cabinet are “doers”. Most have worked in occupations such as Think Tanks, Public Relations, Lobby Group or Advertising and many of the senior cabinet figures have previously worked for an incumbent MP.

The background of successful cabinet members is strikingly similar. The typical New Labour apparatchik starts by studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at university (known as PPE). After graduation they rattle around in law or journalism for a while before landing a job as a researcher for an incumbent cabinet minister. If they keep their heads down, control the media agenda and impress their boss then they may be shuffled onto the candidate list of a Labour safe seat over the heads of local party members and with the nod that this candidate has the favour of senior ministers. Bob’s your uncle they are members of parliament and on their way to cabinet.

Consider the potted Curriculum Vitae of a handful of New Labour apparatchiks

David Miliband

David Miliband

Ed Balls

Ed Balls

Ed Milliband

Ed Milliband

David Balls?

David Balls?

  • David Milliband worked for the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, the IPPR’s Commission on Social Justice and then became Tony Blair’s Head of Policy.
  • Ed Balls worked for the Financial Times and then became economic adviser to the then shadow chancellor Gordon Brown.
  • Ed Miliband has a brief career in television journalism before becoming a speech writer and researcher for Harriet Harman.

These men have no reputation within the Labour movement and no experience in the workplace. Shoe-horned into power, they are equipped only with theoretical knowledge combined with an arrogant self riotousness born from ambition. They may know a lot but they understand nothing. They have no feel for the issues which they discuss because they have never engaged with the world in any real way. When they debate a workers rights or a company’s bottom line they do not understand the obstacles faced by a working man or the imperatives of business. Everything is an abstraction to be air brushed away by some glib sound byte or grand scheme masterminded by a theorist and managed by a consultant.

There are honourable exceptions. Alan Johnston started out as a postman, tried his hand as a pop musician before going on to be a branch official for the Union of Communication Workers and Jack Straw appears to have performed honourable work as a barrister but, I ask again, how did Douglas Alexander become an MP let alone Secretary of State for International Development?

As always it’s not what you know but who you know. The shadow Trade and Industry Secretary for whom Mr. Alexander worked was none other than Gordon Brown though his friendship with Tony Blair did him no harm.

There is a place in politics for people who understand the media but that place is not making policy and if parties continue to allow ministers to choose their successors then we shall become the worlds first nemocracy – A nation ruled by nobodies.

Evidence by La La and the Boo Ya

This is a link to a track named Evidence by La La and the Boo Ya. It is about the fact that the police have CCTV watching everything we do yet the police are now exceeding their authority by trying to prevent ordinary people taking photos in public spaces and specifically taking pictures of police.

As they say: “My life is captured on CCTV, I can’t hide from society”

So why do the police think that they should be allowed to hide from society.



La La & the Boo Ya live

La La & the Boo Ya live


ignorance of asset price inflation reveals Brown’s incompetence

Gordon "Slopey Shoulders" Brown

Gordon "Slopey Shoulders" Brown

This morning I listened to John Humphrys interview British Prime Minister Gordon brown on BBC Radio 4’s Today program. Quite a good interview, Humphrys pushed Brown fairly well.

Humphrys tried to pin the Prime Minister down on a couple of points. He posited that while Gordon Brown was Chancellor he had bragged endlessly about prudent stewardship of the British economy claiming that he had “abolished boom and bust”. This false promise had encouraged everyone to borrow on the assumption that the economy was in safe hands. So much so that this led the the economic mess in which we now find ourselves.

Mr. Brown’s response to this was that previous “busts” had been caused by high inflation and that Brown had not let inflation get out of control. He claimed that the credit crunch had been caused by property loans being packaged up into derivative financial instruments where the risk could not be easily assessed.


If one reads The Economist one discovers that the generally accepted view of the cause of the credit crunch was low interest rates.Yes, the impenetrable derivatives exacerbated the situation but the cause was cheap credit which was made available by the likes of Gordon Brown (as UK Chancellor) and Alan Greenspan (as chairman of the America Federal Reserve).

Cheap credit might normally give rise to inflation but China became a member of the World Trade Organisation in 2001 allowing it to supply cheap products to the developed world keeping high street inflation low. Note that inflation stayed low not because of Brown and Greenspan’s low interest rates but in spite of them.
But the cheap money that Brown and Greenspan were making available had to go somewhere so it went into fueling aasset price bubbles in equity and property.

This is not the reasoning of one lone blogger but a précis of the opinion of main stream economists as reported in The Economist newspaper. However, speaking personally, I recall that around the year 2001 the silicon chip maker ARM was trading at a Price Earnings Ration which would mean it would take a thousand years to pay back it’s offer price! If I could see this was absurd how did the situation evade the Chancellor of a major world economy? If taxi drivers could see that providing mortgages to people for more than the price of their home without checking their income was reckless why did this escape Gordon Brown?

It is worth noting that The Economist had been warning of the asset price bubbles for years before the credit crunch arrived. If they knew then Mr. Brown should have known. So when Mr. Brown claims that he kept inflation low he is either incompetent or deliberately misleading the general public.

I suggest that Gordon Brown is like any number of technocrats who are amazingly knowledgeable about a subject but have no judgement or understanding. Mr. Brown read of the mistakes made with inflation in the past, learnt the accepted remedy and then blindly applied this remedy without once stepping back and seeing the enormous bubble in property and share prices.

Mr. Brown is like some bureaucratic ticket collector, deaf to the beseeching cries of the passengers, he insists on following rules and clipping everyone’s tickets while the train careers across a cliff.

Mr. Humphrys pointed out this morning that the stock market valuation for The Royal Bank of Scotland had grown larger than the UK economy. Even with this alarm bell the size of the Mount Everest Mr. Brown did not think that there had been any indication of the impeding disaster.

This morning, on Radio 4’s Today program, Gordon Brown was TALKING BOLLOCKS!

Even during the boom years Gordon Brown was spending more than the exchequer was raising in tax. The Budget deficit in 2007 was 2% of GDP! If he was borrowing in the good years then what on earth did he think he would do in the bad years? The truth is that this arrogant fool thought that he was so clever that he had ensured that never more would there be bad years. Now we have the bad years  New Labour have  resorted to the same tactic as Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe – they are printing money which in turn is devaluing the pound.

Gordon Brown has presided over a decade in which the United Kingdom has morphed from a leading developed country to a major debtor nation. The UK has never defaulted on it’s debt before but now there is talk of the UK losing it’s triple A credit rating meaning that investors consider default a possibility.

That this moron considers that his record shows prudence  and competence only serves to underline that he is not fit to be in government let alone Prime Minister.

If readers are undecided on which party would be best placed to lead us out of the economic mess then consider that judgement and understanding will be necessary and Gordon Brown has neither. Also consider that, as imperfect as Western democracy is, the one advantage it has is the ability to throw out a bunch of leaders who have messed up.

New Labour and Gordon Brown especially have messed up big time and should be thrown out by the British electorate!

Brighton Festival

The Brighton Festival is looming on the horizon like….. a vast …….arts festival…….in Brighton…….starting in May.

Jones has exhibited art work in previous festivals and this year work will be on display at The Hartington Public House in Whippingham Rd, Brighton……near the pool table…..where all the art connoisseurs hang out.

Below are a couple of the pictures on display.

Trees in Silhouette

Trees in Silhouette



Saturday Night from Speakers Corner

The North Eastern part of London’s Hyde Park close to Marble Arch known as Speakers Corner is world famous as a forum for radicals and eccentrics of every hue. The forum for anyone and everyone to speak freely in public came into being around 1855 proved so popular it continues nearly 150 years later.

Visiting Speakers Corner on any Sunday in 2010 one sees communists, cheek by jowl with radical Muslims, Christians or simply free thinkers expounding their own personal world view, usually encouraging radical change and always being heckled by a random collection of passers by. As such Speakers Corner has become a British institution, a symbol the rights of free speech.

But it is an institution that has become an anachronism according to the London Development Agency (LDA) and Peter Mandelson’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). This blog has learnt that senior managers at the LDA have been working closely with Peter Mandelson to renovate and revive the area in readiness for the expected tide of tourism generated by the Olympics.

Speakers Corner has been criticised in the past for being shabby, noisy and lacking facilities but now, according to our source, the area is due for a face lift costing up to £330 million. A facelift to make it fit for the 21st Century!

The plans provide for an area of around half a mile in the north east corner of Hyde Park to be paved and cordoned off from the rest of Hyde Park. Covered seating will be installed to make the venue a year round attraction and a new exit will be built for Marble Arch underground station. The new development will improve access from the west end of Oxford Street and wheel chair access and toilets will be provided.
The area west of Speakers Corner has been allocated for parking and a visitors centre containing shops and restaurants is to be constructed along the east side of Hyde Park running down Park Lane.

It is an ambitious project but our source claims that the tax payers will not have to fork out a penny. The project is to be run by a public private partnership headed by Alan Sugar and there are no plans, at this stage, to charge entrance fees though planning permission has been given for billboards around Marble Arch which will generate part of the necessary advertising revenue. Star Bucks and Tesco have both expressed interest in sponsorship.

The most exciting feature is that the main source of funds will be from rights to a new TV show with the working title “Saturday Night from Speakers Corner” to be hosted by Davina Mccall.

The program will be hosted live from Speakers Corner and provide a platform for celebrity speakers to promulgate their own personal ideologies. The program is planned to be around three hours long and cover a range of styles from stand up comedy to heavy weight politics. Tony Blair and Jeremy Paxman have already expressed interest and talks are underway with the Oxford Union Debating Society to provide mediation and advise.

The opening night is intended to be during the London Olympics some time in summer 2012 and it is hoped that big name bands such as the Arctic Monkeys will play on the opening night. The show will be broadcast simultaneously by BBC 2 and online via BBC iPlayer. Twitter and Facebook feeds are also promised.

It’s rumoured that the National Lottery results announcements may be moved to the new show as audience figures for the current show are flagging. A share of profits would be donated to good causes.

This is an exciting story and we’d welcome comments from readers.