Oh Christ! – Could Labour get back in?

Old Labour / New Labour no same same

Old Labour / New Labour no same same

The election campaign in the UK seems to have started and it has been a pretty miserable affair. The priority of any new government must be to cut the deficit and this means cutting expenditure or raising taxes (or a mixture of both). However, politicians know that they are unlikely to get elected by telling the pubic the truth so they ar all tiptoeing around the issues while lobbing insults at each other.

The Tories lack of policies has given the public no great reason to vote for them and their lead dropped to around 6%. Then we heard that the deputy chairman of the Conservative party, Lord Ashcroft has non-domicile status and therefore does not pay much UK tax. Mr. Ashcroft has donated large amounts of money to the Tories and has played a major part in their elections strategy. Outrage ensued amongst Labour until it was pointed out that they have their share of spongers such as Lord Paul. However the Tories seem to be suffering most from this because of the tawdry way in which Lord Ashcroft got his peerage. It seems that he was turned down the first time but the little shit was so desperate to be made a Lord that he actually entered into off the record negotiations and gave his word to become a permanent UK resident. He later changed his mind on that of course but by then he had his peerage.

It may seem right that the Tories get attacked for this but we all know that this sort of thing goes on and I would like to remind everyone that it was New Labour who pledged to reform the House of Lords. In practice this reform amounted to doing away with the hereditary principle and promoting the sort of back street dealing that is the traditional path for Life Peers. Lord Ashcrof’s appointment would not have happened if Tony Blair had not made a balls up of House of Lords reform.

This morning we were told that Michael Foot has died. As the media is reporting, Mr. Foot was an old style Labour politicians. A socialist and a man of principle.

The fear now must be that traditional Labour supporters will recall fondly the honestly and integrity of Michael Foot and, in misty eyed desperation, decide that Gordon Brown best reflects those same characteristics. It could be that the electorate hand the government of the country to the very man who betrayed Labour’s principles and plunged the country into the worst mess since Denis Healey was forced to go begging to the IMF in 1976.

Will the New Labour nightmare never end?!

5 thoughts on “Oh Christ! – Could Labour get back in?

  1. I think you are stating tory policy as fact. I seem the remember when Labour got in 1997 their policy was no change from the Tories. Majors policy was no change from Thatcher. In fact the last pime Minister that actually did anything was margaret Thatcher, who destroyed manufacturing and created a huge recession.
    My take is this: most British people want a moderately right of centre economy with a moderately left of centre social policy.
    Cameron was very successful when he did hug a hoody etc; now as an election looms he is drifting towards the loony right, the same mistake both Hague and Howard want. For some reason the Tories tend to believe the hysterical nonsence in papers is actually what people believe. Can I point out that the most widely read paper in Britain is the Guardian Online—–by a whomping majority.
    The tories are promoting “family” have the social changes of the past 30 years pass them by. Personally Gordon Brown never did that much wrong as chancellor, unlike the disastrous Lawson booms.
    I think you are being far too American in your hysteria. Gordon Brown isn’t that bad at least not yet, He’s only been in charge a year. It took Maggie T until her second term before she really screwed the economy.

  2. Did you hear Mr winterton, the Tory who believes grabbing a woman’s bum just a laugh and his pronouncement that he has to travel in first class, because those in second class are noisy oiks. The majority of the people have to travel standard class, and haven’t forgotten the mess the tories made last time they were in.

  3. I can’t go along with the idea that Gordon Brown “never did that much wrong as chancellor”

    How about:

    1. Taxing dividend payments and so screwing everyone’s pension.
    2. Selling the nations gold when prices were low but telling everyone first so the price was driven lower
    3. Setting up a new financial regulation system which effectively split and annulled responsibility
    4. Failing to spot the housing bubble
    5. Not driving a steak through Blair’s heart when he had the chance

  4. Jonesie, you said he doesn’t pay much tax. He does, you know, quite a lot.
    He just doesn’t pay on his overseas earnings. Which is fine, why should he?

    It should be the same for everyone, that’s the thing.

    And here’s another thing;
    Non Domicile, from the HMRC website

    Domicile is a general law concept; it refers to the country which is your ‘permanent home’. There are a range of factors that can affect where you are domiciled at any point in your life.

    There are further details in HMRC website referring to where your main social and business interests are. If they are abroad, and you make the statement that they are, you are domiciled there.

    Here’s the point. Why should someone who’s permanent primary home and whose main social
    and business interests are in a different country, have any say at all on what goes
    on in the UK?

  5. Yeh, I think that is my main gripe. People who have no commitment to this country should not make policy.

    But more than that I blame Labour as they were supposed to be sorting out the House of Lords.

    Prior to Labour’s tampering we had Hereditary Peers and Life Peers. Though I don’t agree with having hereditary peers as they can’t be said to be representative at least they were independent.

    Life Peers on the other hand are just people with money or toadies.
    If you have a second house filled with such dross you must expect people like Ashcroft to get in.

    Chuck them all out and do proportional representation for the second house with a long term of …say……ten years.

    Or maybe have different bodies appoint their own people. Professional associations, trade unions, universities, the unemployed….a whole range of different groupings. Again, the term should be long.

    Or how about they get chosen randomly like juries. You get a letter, “you have been chosen to represent the people for the next ten years”.

    And while we’re about it let’s get rid of the monarchy.

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