Arrested for photographing Accrington Christmas celebrations

This is amazing. A police community support officer tries to get the details of photographer Bob Patefield. Originally the police say this is because of the anti-terror legislation but when Mr. Patefield refuses to give his details as he rightly claims that he is not obliged to the police change their excuse to anti-social behaviour. Mr. Patefield was arrested and held for 8 hours before being released without charge.

This is straight intimidation of photographers.

Police attempt to intimidate Bob Patefield

Police attempt to intimidate Bob Patefield


Police harass man for taking photo of his son in shopping mall

One thought on “Arrested for photographing Accrington Christmas celebrations

  1. I think the whole world, well Britian anyway, has gone crazy.I learnt yesterday that the murderers of a two year old child had served only 8 years.I don’t think the photographers in the French tunnel on the night that Princess Di was killed were charged with anti-social behaviour!Too often children in England are killed by their carers the carers then receive a pathetic sentance and yet attention is given to a poor bloke taking photos ( nice that Accrington has lights worth photographing!).We watched a program the other night where three policemen arrested a guy for peeing in the street. Not pleasant I admit but it was late at night and he had at least gone down a side street.Had he been a dog then that would have been okay.I used to be so proud to be British but then I remember when it really was “Great Britian”.

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