Britain declines while her elite connives

Britain in decline

Who do we call?

Military spending has emerged in the media with Gordon Brown TALKING BOLLOCKS claiming he didn’t withhold funds from the military in the run up to the war in Afghanistan. With a massive budget deficit and the widely acknowledged need for drastic cuts both parties are tip toeing around the defence budget trying to pretend it will not be touched. The government have already delayed two aircraft carriers; will they now decommission Trident?

I sometimes wonder if we are witnessing the final demise of Great Britain as a “World Power”. Theoretically the UK won the second world war, coming through with it’s empire intact. On paper Britain was still a Great Power. In reality we were up to our necks in debt to the U.S. and the people of the Empire were understandably in no mood to tolerate a continuation of British rule. The empire dissolved.

In the 1960s North Sea oil was discovered and helped support our inefficient industry for a while. But consider this: While Britain took economic advantage of North Sea oil and it’s economy prospered Germany and France did not do so bad either yet they did not have oil. North Sea Oil is due to run out in the next few years and where will that leave the British economy? In 2008 around 46% of British tax came from finance. The finance industry has now collapsed so where does that leave the British economy? I stress again that Germany has maintained a broadly comparable economy without North Sea oil, without a bloated finance sector and without hyper-commercialisation.

I suggest that with a massive budget deficit, with an un-winable war in Afghanistan to pay for, with very little industrial capability to offer the wold, Great Britain is about to have the rug pulled out from beneath it. We’ve had out chips!

Labour supporters used to say that increasing levels of global competition was merely a race to the bottom. The Tories scoffed that, on the contrary, competition would bring the standards enjoyed by the West to the rest of the world. Tell me, how is your pension doing? Has your company closed it’s non-contributory pension yet? If not, when was the last time the subject was raised. And how’s your job? Do you still have a permanent 9 to 5 job? Do you still get double time on Sundays? I suggest that you don’t. I suggest that many readers will now be part time and even be required to work at weekends at standard rate.

The one thing that the UK does have that developing nations do not have to the same extent is an established and solid democracy and the rule of law. Yet even this is under attack with new laws preventing photography of the police and a ruling party made of visionless power hungary “managers”.

Just this week Gordon Brown defended the link between MPs and their constituencies when debating the electoral system yet the New Labour cabinet is packed full of professional politicians who merely used work for the constituency as a convenient path to power. These men without vision, these people who believe in nothing, these arch manipulators have merely studied politics and the media, worked as assistants to incumbents cabinet members and then been parachuted into Labour safe seats. Check out the wikipedia entries for David Milliband and Douglas Alexander to name just two. The British elite have fined tuned a way of bypassing democracy and they should hang their heads in shame.

So, to summarise:

  • Britain grew great by having an empire.
  • Britain nearly lost it’s shirt in WW2 but was saved from the Russians by the U.S. (but at a price)
  • Britain lost it’s empire
  • Britain lived off it’s oil wealth while letting it’s industry atrophy
  • Britain became obsessed with market forces and privatised it’s public industry
  • Britain developed a bloated finance industry which collapsed.
  • Johnny foreigner started buying up all the privatised industry
  • Britain’s oil ran out.
  • Complacent British citizens and back benchers allowed a scurrilous and deceitful elite to undermine it’s democracy
  • The  elite used the threat of terrorism to introduce draconian laws and erode democracy.

And finally, it’s raining again!

Oh, maybe it isn’t that bad. The British people aren’t badly educated and the “lump of labour fallacy” means that a growing Chinese middle class will want all the commercialised palaver that we possess. The British do understand democracy and we can work hard when we have to. Arguably, we are best when we’re up against it. Hopefully, in a couple of months, we will throw out this groups of bastards who have taken control of Downing Street and we can make a fresh start.

Ask me again when the weather warms up.

2 thoughts on “Britain declines while her elite connives

  1. What’s on the back of a 10p coin? Your analysis of current British economy. What’s on the the other side of the coin? Your American correspondant’s analysis of the current U.S. economy. We’re two sides of the same coin, my friend, and it’s not worth as much as it used to be.

  2. I think both the U.S. and the U.K. have become obsessed with ideology.

    We were so opposed to socialism that we embraced it’s ugly twin sister capitalism.

    Obsessive socialism in the USSR led to a monopoly of power by an unrepresentative elite whereas obsession with capitalism in the U.S.A has led to……..a monopoly of power by an unrepresentative elite.

    Countries like Denmark took what they thought was good from both socialism and capitalism.

    What we need is anti-ideology-ism.

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